Gen 3 (PT1)- Of Marriage 101! The Blame Game! Enemy Deception strategy! Amazing Grace

Genesis 3

The problem of trying to be shrewd – trying to do things ones way and not God’s way – pride .

Basically it just earns one a curse >> ask the shrewd – est of animals the serpent / devil .

Deception strategy of the devil.

First strategy of the enemy – Test – does the person know the Word of God?
“Did God really say …?”

Eve, just like Jesus in the wilderness, answered back with the Word of God the way it should be even with us — “God said you must not eat or even touch….” ( yoga, horoscopes, new age this and that, political correctness of this and that, modernism, majority says or feels this or that …!).

Unfortunately or fortunately God alone by Himself carries the majority. God’s Word is Truth and it never changes. One can’t really argue with a guy who whatever he speaks – it is established. If He says you are wrong, you are wrong! He makes the rules for the game of life. The options are: either do it His way or His way! And there is no other way…unless of course He says so!

If that test is passed / the enemy strategy failed , the second strategy of the enemy is to:

instill doubt in the Word through lies, half truths and dangling carrots –
“You won’t die,…. Your eyes will be opened….”

Knowing the Word, living the Word and understanding the Word are different things altogether. Even the devil can quote the bible!(But usually out of context)

Eve was convinced contrary to the Word >> the dangers of losing focus on God and His Word. Like Peter, one begins to sink.

Sin always looks beautiful and delicious from the outside but contains death on the inside.

Interesting as it seems to describe the life of people ( cultural idols like celebrities /politicians / sports icons) who seem happy in sin but are really sad / dying on the inside.

Interesting note: Do we give the apple a bad name? Its not mentioned here!

Eve wanted the wisdom it would give her ->> problem with pursuing things outside the wisdom of God – trying to be shrewd? – an aspect of pride that just earns one a curse in the end.

Playing outside the rules of the game of life will always earn one a penalty (of life?) !

Interesting that one finds it easier to share in sin ( with the people closest to us?) than share the things of God! We are more likely to be invited ( and want to attend) to a party of drugs, alcohol and sex than to a church vigil of prayer, fasting and the Word of God.

I have seen cases where friends would rather buy a friend in need alcohol than buy them food or help them in another positive way.
Is sin too hot for our conscious that we try to ease our conscious by trying to spread it around to others?
No one ever invites one to come and get a nasty hangover, or let’s go and break your marriage, or let’s get a nasty STD! Its always clothed as let’s go have some fun.

What the enemy leaves out when enticing us to sin >> The Consequence of the sin :
– Eyes opened – what have I done?
– Felt shame at their nakedness – what will I tell my spouse / boss / children?
– Try to cover themselves with fig leaves – – let me try cover it up — cover ups and blame games.

My / our problem?
Believing and trusting God – that indeed He does everything for my good.

Moving out of the realm of God’s boundaries (protection) exposes us to nakedness and the resulting shame that the enemy ( the accuser of the brethren) has fun tormenting us with.

Seeking wisdom, trying to be like God. Self effort, rejecting God’s help / ways. One dies to God and the things of God. Anything apart from God is death as He is the source and sustain(er) of life.

They hid from the Lord.
Sin will always be uncomfortable in the presence of God. Darkness always runs away from the light. Darkness cannot be in the presence of light.
What is my response in the presence of the Lord? Joy or trembling…

The blame game when caught in sin – it is always someone else’s fault ……..but me!
– Adam moved from >> “”…. bone of my bone…to it’s “the woman” you gave me! The “wow” factor of sin instantly disappears when caught! Sin is soo disconcerting that it can make us put blame on our blessings / friends.
– Eve >> the serpent deceived me.
– The serpent? God didn’t bother to ask. The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy.

Interestingly though, God starts with Adam.
Power and authority comes with responsibility and accountability… possibly why even though Eve transgressed, it’s know as Adam’s sin.

Consequences of the fall of man ( not woman! – refer above) :
>>Serpent: cursed more than all animals?? Seems to suggest animals were cursed for the serpent to be cursed more.
– Crawl on belly??
– Dust??

# Vs 15- prophecy on the Messiah

>> Man
– You listened to your wife ( putting another voice / wisdom above God’s?)
– Ate what I commanded you not to ( disobedience) Basically failing to listen and obey
–> The ground is cursed and you will struggle and sweat to get anything out of it and in the end you will end up like it / in it!

>> Woman
– Sharpen pregnancy pain?
– Give birth in pain?
Suggests there was an effort / sacrifice required to develop something ( with God? In this life? ) – it just got sharpened / more difficult? The birthing process will also now be painful.

# Thank you Jesus for the sacrifice of the Cross that you endured for my sake, for taking upon yourself the pain ( consequence) of my sin and enabling me to be born again ( out of the womb of darkness of the fallen world) into the light of eternal life in the presence of our heavenly Father.

– Desire to control your husband? – Husband will rule over you?
Possibly why God commanded man to love their wife and woman commanded to submit to (respect) their husband.
Due to the fall, the woman had a desire to control the husband ( when you were left in control you let me / us fall!?) and potentially may lose respect for him ( let me show you how to…!?) — the blame game continued. ..
The man also continues the blame game – I just leave you alone for a second and look what you did! I will have to rule over you and you will have to submit ( no discussion as the last time you were in a discussion (- with the enemy -) we got thrown out of the house / you gave the enemy our house !).

Well , get over it , Jesus commands the man in Ephesians 5, and love your woman! Its not a feeling but a choice – It seems to suggest. But I also like to add a caveat- Never comment on marriage until you have been married / been in that marriage!

The problem with the blame game – no one wants to take responsibility for their actions.

Therefore a woman will always desire to be loved and a man will always desire to be respected >> the foundation of any stable marriage – Love & Respect?

The main problem with broken / breaking marriages – someone else giving the required love to ones wife or giving the required respect to ones husband.

Kind of explains a number of things :
Like why we find someone leaving their wife for the maid / nanny / waitress / secretary – these are inclined to treat a man with respect because of the nature of their business. Or

Why the neglected wife cheats on the wealthy husband with the postman / gardener / fitness instructor / bodyguard or anyone who kind of shows they care for them. Soap opera’s touch on ( & exploit) the woman’s need / desire / longing for love.

Therefore (it seems to me from my limited perspective and my caveat — Never comment on marriage unless you have been married / been in that marriage!) it is not necessary to go for marriage counselling or try get ( pop) theories on why men are from Mars and women are from Venus or why he is just not into you… The Bible saved us all that trouble of trying to figure marriage out or rely on pop psychology .

Don’t think about it or try reason it out , just do it according to the Word of God – love your woman ( or someone else might do it for you) and respect your man ( or someone else might do it for you).

Love and respect – it’s not a feeling, it’s a choice! — it’s a two way street?

Man – a lot of understanding ( respect/ submission ) and a little love will do it. E.g. On why he has to have the remote control or why he has to go with ‘the boys’ and watch — other grown men running around, sweating profusely chasing a ball around a field and getting excited when it enters the net of the opponent or get sick and depressed when it enters their teams net.

Woman – a lot of love, but don’t try to understand her ( Understanding the woman still considered an enigma to the best and brightest…even to women themselves…started from Eve (Ask Adam) and the mystery may not be solved…possibly till the end of time).

It is easy (easier? comes more naturally?) for a woman to love ( give a woman love and she will give you her life – yes babies and all risking her figure/beauty) and difficult for her to submit ( yes the options darling are my way and… my way!) . Kind of explains the phenomenon – with all the failed marriages we see in the world, why do most women still desire to get married and be subject to a man!? (Refer to previous paragraph)

It is easy for a man to submit ( yes dear, that’s fine …we can do what you like) and for some reason he finds it difficult (alien) to love (I told you I love you when we got married, if anything changes I will let you know!)

The said vicious cycle :
A man will react without love when treated without respect.
A woman will react without respect when treated without love.

Everything seems to go back to / seek wherever it came from to get sustenance / satisfaction from!

– Woman needs to go back to man to be sustained by his love :
As it is said —
A woman was not taken from man’s head to be ruled by him,
Nor from his feet to be trampled on by him,
But under his arm to be cared for and protected by him,
And near his heart to be loved by him.

– A man needs to go back to the dust ( enough said!)
– But all need to go back to God to be sustained spiritually.

The Lord made clothing for them from animal skins
– First animal slaughtered? Need for a sacrifice ( with blood) .
– Our own solutions ( fig leaves) cannot adequately cover ( protect) us from the world / enemy ( is that why Jesus cursed the fig tree??).

Possibly why there were animal sacrifices instituted to cover our shame / sin.
Possibly why Cain’s sacrifice of the produce of the land was rejected while Abel’s sacrifice of the choice portion of the first born lamb was accepted.

God protecting us from ourselves by throwing us out of the garden.
Otherwise we may have lived forever in the fallen state of sin and suffering….sounds like hell!

Giving up on our own ( limited) wisdom in trying to be like God ( self effort/strength / power ) and surrendering our life to Jesus for Him to have His way with us, to save us and bless us – nothing to do with us but all to do with the Lord
>> His mercy – not getting what I deserve, as the wages of sin is death
>> His grace – getting what I don’t deserve – blessings instead of curses.

The GOOD NEWS OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST >> He sacrificed Himself and died for my sin so that I may have eternal life in the presence of the Father.

A flaming sword – Jesus Christ – the only way to enter into eternal life? Possibly to cut off all that is not of God in us – purifying fire of the sword of the spirit, the Word of God?

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