Gen 3 (PT2) – Sin Kills!

The Lord made clothing from animal skins?

Sin kills!

An illustration that sin literally kills!

The wages of sin is death.

An animal was first slaughtered because of man’s sin / to cover man’s sin ?

Someone / something had to be sacrificed to atone for the sin of man and God had to provide the solution.

Man’s solution ( fig leaves) did not / does not / can never suffice. God cannot look at / be in the presence of sin so had to cover man.

Before the sin, the covering was not necessary.

The Lord offers to cloth us in His righteousness. We are clothed with the righteousness of the Lamb of God! Thank you Jesus.

# Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice on the Cross to pay for my sin, thank you for taking away ( not covering) my sin and making the righteousness of God able to boldly approach the throne of Grace.



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