Genesis 1 – Creation, It’s All Good

Genesis 1

Seems there is a separation between when God created the heavens and the earth and when the earth became formless, empty with darkness covering the deep waters.

A gap between vs 1 and 2?

Oh, unless God created the earth like that?. . Which seems unlikely given the context of the chapter, but possible if describing the creation process.

There seems to be a re creation, things created again the way He wanted / intended it to be – All Good ?

Where the Spirit of God moves, expect miracles ( creative power of God) to manifest.

Earth was formless, empty with darkness covering the deep waters. I assume all this is not in line with what God wants. God gets to work to set things right … Adding form, filling the earth with life, adding light? Separating the bad that was there and inserting the good?

1. – Light is created and it is GOOD and separates it from the darkness. Evening passed ( night) and morning(day) came – night first then day marks a full day! Sun is not yet created?!.

2. – Deep waters separated from the heavens and the earth.

3. – Waters separated from the land – God saw it was GOOD. The land sprouts vegetation seed bearing plants and fruits producing after its kind – GOOD.

4. – Lights in the sky to – Separate day from night, – Be signs To mark seasons, days and years. – Shine down on the earth. – Separate the light from the darkness ~>GOOD

5. Waters and sky filled with all sorts of life producing after its own kind. God saw it was GOOD and blessed them to be fruitful and multiply.

6. Earth to produce all sorts of animals ~ > GOOD.

– Humans in the image of God – blessed them to be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and govern it.

– Vegetation for food for both humans and animals ( things changed after the fall? Man going after flesh?)

~> All God had made was VERY GOOD.

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