Genesis 2 – Of Life, Knowledge and leaving it ALL to the Lord

Genesis 2

The 7th day was blessed and declared holy because God rested.

For Wild plants(?) or grain(?) to grow required :

  • – Rain to water the earth
  • – People to cultivate the soil

But springs came up and watered the land.

A distinction between rain ( from above) and springs( from the earth) ?

People required – a part that God wants us to play

# need to look into parallels – wheat & chaff, Holy Spirit divine wisdom vs earthly wisdom, heart & fertile ground for seeds / Word of God…

Man formed from the dust off the ground. The breath of life breathed into him to make him live.

God planted a garden. God made all sorts of trees(?) to grow – beautiful trees that produced delicious fruit.

In the middle He placed the

  • – Tree of life
  • – Tree of the knowledge of good and evil

# Trees – systems / ways that govern the world?

  • The way God made things to work?
  • The laws governing different aspects of life / the world?

All God created was good, what is not is / was corrupted by man / devil?

The centre / middle ( what life is all about?) seems to be about life ( eternal?) and knowledge (of God?)

River(?) flowed from Eden, watering the garden then dividing into 4.

  • – Pishon – through land of Havilah – gold, resin and onyx stone found in the land
  • – Gihon – land of Cush
  • – Tigris – land of Asshur
  • – Euphrates

Would be interesting to know what these represent.

Man placed in the garden to tend and watch over it and given instructions.

Choice / free will to eat of every tree ( engage in all that God has created) except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – death ( wages of sin?).

– Obedience / faith test? It is impossible to please God without faith?

Not good for man to be alone. ( when God says it’s not good, it’s really not good). Marriage that works in God’s design must be really amazing! God makes a helper just right for him. But man had to be taken out of the equation for God to do His thing and man was amazed.

When we leave all our issues ( even the not so good ones) to God, we shall be amazed at what He will do. So often we get in the way of God’s amazing plan for our lives… Be still and know the salvation of the Lord? …(Psalm 46:10)

Someone commented that:

We go back to be sustained from what we were made / originated from. Man sustained by the care and love of the earth, woman sustained by care and love of man, but all sustained ( spiritually) from the creator.

Another it is said:

Woman was not taken out of man’s head to be ruled by him,

Nor from his feet to be trampled by him,

But from his side to be equal to him,

From under his arm to be protected by him,

And from near his heart to be loved by him.

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