Genesis 4 – Careful about whom we listen to and obey!

Genesis 4

Cain and Abel

Offering the best portion of the first fruits.

  • – Shows gratitude, praise and worship – we acknowledge that the blessing is through the grace of the Almighty.
  • – Shifting our attitude from – what can I get – to -what can I give.
  • – The principle – Returning back to the Lord what He has blessed us with ( the best portion of the first fruits to acknowledge that it was through His grace alone , nothing to do with us but all about Him) so that He can bless the rest.


Have I put God first :

  • – In my life? – Time for interaction
  • – In my marriage? – Presented it to God for blessing – such as Church wedding.
  • – In / with my children? Introducing them to God
  • – At my workplace / business ? Tithes


Its a wonder why a number of aspects of our lives are in disarray, we forgot to put God in it and are trying to run with it without consulting the Authority / creator of it. The insanity of operating the complexity of life ( marriage, children…) without the rule book of life from the author of life!

Whatever we put God first in, He shall prosper it! The Lord is looking for people to bless, those that have a heart for Him -( 2 Chr 16:9)

Cain ( man) – going against the rules.

I would describe sin as anything that goes against the will, purposes and plans of God. Sin is displeasing ( rejection) and hence unacceptable to God.

There seems to have been terms and conditions for the offering – Abel did as was required / right , Cain thought he could compromise a little, but still take an offering.

Apparently to God, partial obedience is still total disobedience in His eyes.

It then suggests that the two choices we have in life towards God is either :

  • – Obedience or disobedience / sin / other ( life or death, blessing or curse)


Who ( God or Satan) we submit to (listen to and obey) is who we give power and authority to have dominion in our lives, and each comes to claim their own. Rejecting God and His ways also means inadvertently accepting the devil and his ways as the battle of life is between good and evil.

– Doing the things of God will manifest the fruits of God in one.

– Doing the things of the enemy will manifest the bad fruits of the enemy – such as anger. Door open to the enemy given power and authority through our submission by listening and obeying (accepting) him /his ways /his fruits.

Possibly why Cain is told to watch out , sin eagerly waiting at the door ( to take the place of righteousness). It is suggested as a battle – something to be subdued and mastered or it will take control of our lives.

Cain opened a door through unrepentant anger and it grew into its full manifestation – murder! (1 John 3:15)

When God asks a question ( conviction by the Holy Spirit) , we should think very hard why! Here He was offering Cain an opportunity for taking responsibility & repenting.

There are consequences to every sin.

Sin cannot be in the presence of God.

Judgement for sin is left to the Lord!… With severe consequences on those who take it upon themselves?

The punishment for our sin would have been too great for us to bear –

# thank you Jesus for taking the punishment for my sin for me.

Mark of the Lord of warning? Brings to mind the Blood of the Passover Lamb that prevents the destroyer from prevailing against those under the Blood.


  • – Had two wives!
  • – there are generational consequences to sin? He also murdered!


First began to worship the Lord by name??

– Possibly, God started revealing Himself by the different ways He appears as a solution to man’s growing problems that come as a result of sin.

The I AM can be what we want Him to be depending on our need

– As Provider > Seth – God has granted me a son.

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