Genesis 5 – Whose image is my child taking up?

Genesis 5

Adam, Seth………………….Noah.

God created us in His image.

Adam produced a son in his image.

Seems to be a trend started….

Whose image am I letting my child take up?

God or the devil/ world !?

Enoch walked in close fellowship with God. When we walk with God, He leads/ takes us to Himself!

# Lord, empower me to walk in close fellowship with you as you lead me to yourself, as you transform me into your image and likeness, from glory to glory.

May I also be a blessing to my children as I lead them along the same path in close fellowship with You, as You transform them into your image and likeness from glory to glory.

What we put into Your hands Lord , You indeed prosper. May I put my life and family into your hands so that you may prosper us in such a way that we leave a legacy of blessings, descendants that will have an enduring impact in the world for the kingdom of God, for the glory of God.

May I also project an image of Christ to my child so that he may also be reflection of Jesus to the world around him.



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