Genesis 7 – Are You in Yeshua?

Gen 7

Believe in the Lord Jesus ( our Ark of Salvation) and you and your house shall be saved (Acts 16:31).

In the Ark, just like the Passover Blood of the Lamb, all that was under the Blood in the house ( good or bad, Jew or Gentile, clean or unclean) got saved from the destroyer.

Noah was to offer sacrifice.

Noah ate animals.

– additional animals above the pairs of each was to be included.

Male and female of each animal to ensure continuity.

7 days till the rain??

Rained 40 days and 40 nights??

Noah 600 years old??

17th day of the 2nd month??

Earth covered with water for 150 days??

Pointing to the end-time time-lines??

The Divine calendar??

In Jesus, we shall always be above the problem! Peter walking on water as long as focused on Jesus (Matthew 14).

The Lord closed the door behind them.

Salvation is by the mercy and grace of God. The Lord is the one that guarantees it. We can’t save ourselves but have to rely totally on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Did the fish survive??

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