Genesis 8- Overwhelmed? Receive the Light (Grace) , don’t fight the darkness!

Gen 8

=>Law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus negates the law of sin and death (Rom 8:2).

=>Key to life – Jesus.

Through Faith by Grace (Jesus). Receiving Jesus and all His blessings through faith by grace (Himself) .

Yes, a free gift that I just ( get out of my own way!) believe and receive ( Jesus)! Yes The kingdom of God and His Righteousness comes with All other things added (Mat 6:33) . Sounds like Grace is another name for Jesus!

Grace is getting what I don’t deserve for free.

The gift of Grace is the Cross.

Love ( of God = the Cross of Christ Jesus) released Mercy ( not getting what I deserve – the wages of sin) and activated Grace ( getting what I don’t deserve).

That is why it is Amazing, yes, Amazing Grace!

Am I having trouble receiving free gifts ( what’s the catch attitude)? >> having trouble receiving Grace !? (… is actually having trouble receiving Jesus!)


=>Divine Timelines?

But God remembered Noah….

Interesting phrase!

Possibly makes sense in the context of human history from the time of Adam. When man sinned, God abandons man by removing His protection over him and the enemy runs rampant doing what he does best – killing, stealing and destruction. After a time God remembers His creation ( with compassion) and sends His Spirit to start clearing the world of its problems ( flood waters).

Man’s issues stem from both what they do themselves from the earth ( underground waters – self inflicted e.g. natural consequences of living in sin) as well as those that the devil contributes from the heavenlies ( torrential rains – we fight not against flesh and blood…. (Eph 6:12) ).

(Yes, I can’t blame the devil for everything… That’s giving him a better name than he deserves!??)

The Spirit of the Lord gradually takes over the earth, pushing away the things that cause problems. Light chases away darkness. Where Light is, darkness is uncomfortable and flees.

The easiest way to fight darkness in our life is to simply turn on the Light ( of Christ). The darkness in us will get uncomfortable and leave gradually, just as the flood waters left the surface of the earth.

The few testimonials that I have heard of people who have broken strong addictions with enduring success ( pornography, prostitution, masturbation, alcohol, drugs,…) used this method.

After years of self effort, binding and loosing prayers, in and out of counselling and rehab, and so on…. the only thing that worked for them was when they gave up ( on any self effort whatsoever ), cast the care ( yoke / bondage) at Jesus feet, and took up Jesus ( His yoke is easy, His burden light (Matthew 11:30)).

Getting out of our own way so Jesus can have His way!

At times WE are the biggest obstacles to our own deliverance. The devil is amazed at our own self destruction [perishing from lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6, Isaiah 5:13)] and cheers us on ( we are doing his work for him). All he has to ensure is that we do not truly encounter the Cross.

Why does the devil fear the Cross of Christ Jesus?

A person having an encounter with the Cross of Jesus Christ unleashes resurrection power, the power that crushed the head of the serpent ( the devil). The Cross makes the devil powerless as it negates his ultimate weapon against us of death, hell and the grave.

By receiving the Cross ( the Love of God / Jesus ),…

Mercy is released ( all that the accuser of the brethren would have against us is done, finished, paid for. The Divine exchange – All our bad for All His good . Not getting what we deserve because of the Cross) and…

the free gift (to us but paid by Jesus at the Cross) of Grace is released ( we can partake on All the goodness of The Kingdom as the righteousness of God in Christ).

Therefore, (All)The power of the kingdom ( including all of creation) can be used against the enemy. Creation has to ( there is no otherwise) respond to the creator. — Resurrection Power!

Therefore something said with the authority of the name of Jesus unleashes that resurrection power – creation has to respond to the request.

Carrying more of Jesus ( and less of us – letting go and letting God ) means carrying resurrection (dunamis) power, the enemy gets uncomfortable and has to leave. Wherever light is, darkness flees as a natural response. The more light ( of Jesus) we carry the less of darkness that can be found in or near us.

Interestingly they say ( those that were held captive in strong addictions and stubborn sin), when they let go and let God, they received their deliverance easily!

The Lord intervenes when there is nothing else put above Him ( He is a jealous God… (Exodus 34:14)).

The eyes of the Lord search the earth to look to show His power to those that believe and trust Him …. (2 Chronicles 16:9).

We cannot please God without faith (Hebrews 11:6).

Faith in the Lord alone through Jesus that took our curses, bondages, shame and so on… On the Cross so that we may be free…

Amazing Grace – getting what we don’t deserve because of Jesus and His finished work of the Cross! Breakthroughs in All areas of life included, because Almighty God is always bigger than our biggest problem.

# Thank you Jesus for the divine exchange of the Cross of Calvary where You took all my bad and gave me all Your good. Therefore I believe and receive all that is made available by Your finished work on the Cross… By Grace through Faith.

Lord Jesus, You know my weakness of always trying to solve my own problems even though You eagerly await to solve them for me. Indeed You have taken them away through Your suffering on the Cross of Calvary. You suffered the curses, pain, rejection, shame… and so much more so that I would not have to endure them myself. And here, I still stubbornly insist on not partaking on Your free gift of Grace made available through Your finished work on the Cross.

Forgive me Lord Jesus and thank You for Your loving patience with me. In Christ Jesus, I am indeed the righteousness of God, seated in heavenly places with Him at the right hand of the Father, enjoying all the blessings of the Kingdom. Therefore things like sickness and disease, poverty, shame and disgrace, stress and anxiety…. Are not my portion in the mighty name of Jesus.

I therefore declare and decree according to Your Word that I shall prosper and be in health even as my soul prospers, declaring the fruits of the spirit such as joy and peace as my portion and living life as the beloved of the Father in Christ Jesus, partaking fully in the blessings of all creation.

My God is way bigger than my biggest problem.

As I sit in heavenly places with Christ Jesus, far above the principalities, powers and rulers of darkness I exercise the authority given to me in Christ Jesus over all the power of the enemy and trample on all the serpents and scorpions that may try to afflict me in life.

Indeed no weapon formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that rises against me in judgement I condemned, and that is my heritage as a servant of the Most High God .


Time lines since beginning of the flood.

I am sure the dates, days and numbers point to some divine time line.

5 months /150 days

  • – floods stop
  • – the Ark comes to rest on top of Mount Ararat.
  • >> God releases His grace upon the earth and it brings us rest / hope.

5+2.5 months (7.5mon) >> waters continue to go down, other peaks available.

7.5mon + 40 days >>

  • – Noah opened the window
  • – Released a raven that flew back and forth until the earth dried up. ( restless evil spirits that can’t settle, looking out for themselves ??)
  • – Also released a dove, but the dove returned and Noah brought it back into the Ark. ( Holy Spirit, our helper??)

– The dove released again 7 days later >> returned with a fresh olive leaf in its beak. (… comes bringing and speaking peace??)

– Released the dove again 7 days later >> this time did not return. (… Leaves us with the peace of the Lord – now no more condemnation as the righteousness of God?? ….In the last days I shall pour out my spirit… (Joel 2:28).  The Spirit of the Lord is part of us – dwells in us and through us with constant infilling??)

Noah 601 years old.

1st day of the New Year.

10.5 months after the flood.

10.5+2=12.5 months >> the earth was finally dry.

God releases them from the Ark.

Go be fruitful and multiply.

Noah builds an altar, sacrificed burnt offerings, the Lord is pleased and declares ( oath, covenant?)…

  • – Never again curse the ground
  • – Never again destroy all living things ( settles my question – that the fish also died)
  • – There shall be seasons in earth ( May not have a permanent curse on the ground – (work of our hands?) – or destroy life-( judgment?) -, but there shall be seasons as we go through life ??) –

>> planting and harvest ( we shall reap what we sow??)

>> cold and heat (trials and tribulations??)

>> summer and winter ( there will still be times of joy and times of sorrow??)

>> day and night ( hope and despair??)


Gen 8 requires a lot more revelation otherwise I am left with a lot of speculation.

# Holy Spirit, reveal to me the Word (of the Lord) as I seek to continue to know, love and serve the Word (our Lord Jesus)


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