Ezra 3 – Rebuilding My Temple

Ezra 3

The Church should assemble with a unified purpose – its nothing to do with us but all to do with the Lord and His business. At times we may be distracted with our business ( what can God do for me) or the world’s business ( making money… from the congregation!) and forget that Church business is for God’s business.

Rebuilding the altar – decision to repent

Sacrifice burnt offerings – surrender our lives to the Lord

Fear of others / society / family / friends – what will others say – from being a know it all, intellectual, macho man or with it woman to being humble at the Lord’s feet and admitting that I am a sinner that needs a saviour.

Altar rebuilt on its old site. We were made perfect by God but we’re corrupted by sin. If we are willing, God can restore us to be His dwelling place.

Sacrifice done morning and evening – when we surrender our lives to Jesus, He should become our lifestyle. ( being hot for the Lord, no mixture – lukewarm)

Festival of Shelters – God preparing us to be His dwelling place.

Foundation laid later – first come to the Lord just as you are and then build your foundation with Jesus on Jesus the solid Rock.

The building of a solid Christian(society/ Church ) requires all members of the Body of Christ working together in harmony with everyone doing the part God has called ( anointed) them to do. Most of us do not know our calling in the Lord and are therefore not fulfilling His purposes for our lives. A person made for / anointed / called by God to be an evangelist may may not make the best pastor.

Praise and worship should accompany our Christian walk in growing to know, love and serve the Lord.

Those who saw the first Temple wept? Others were joyful? Joyful shouting and weeping mingled together in a loud noise.

– Maybe joy for those encountering Salvation for the first time…. ,

…tearful joy ( Weeping?) for those who back slide and encounter the wonderful mercy, grace and loving kindness of a forgiving and patient God?

Amazing Grace indeed! The Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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