Ezra 4 – The Enemy Comes To Test our Faith, To Kill/Steal/destroy our Blessings From The Lord. Enemy Tactics

Ezra 4

The enemy hears that you have abandoned the dark side and changed allegiance / re committed your life back to the Lord. He does not want to let go easily and lays strategies to get you back by any means necessary :

– Pretending to be your friend so that he can get inside information to use against you.

– Discouragement and frustration

– Fear and intimidation

– Bribery

– Lies

– Using ones past against them

– Using the government and force

Sometimes the only way you know you are on the right path to righteousness is by the amount of resistance you face by the unrighteous.

A tree that bears fruit is the one that gets the most stones thrown at it ~ proverb.

The battle between good and evil is real even today.

But a trial / temptation from the enemy is a test ( of faith) from the Lord.

So long as the Lord is the author / has directed you on what to do, He has given sufficient grace to ensure that you prevail over the trials and tribulations.

The accuser of the brethren will come to reclaim you or your blessing saying that you lack sufficient faith ( trying to instill fear, doubt or unbelief . He stands on the word that it is impossible to please God without faith – Hebrews 11:6) so you don’t deserve to succeed or to have the blessing.

The Lord may possibly allow for a time period for this to play out but promises us that we fight from victory not for victory. Those who prevail please God because His Word declares that it is impossible to please God without faith.

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