Ezra 9: Prayer of Repentance. Amazing Grace revelation usually leads to Repentance !

Ezra 9

Interestingly and contrary to common sense, one is most often led to repentance when they get to realize / encounter and understand the height, the depth, the with and length of God’s Love for them and how nothing in the heavens and the earth can separate them from the Love of God ( Ephesians 3:18, Romans 8:39).

A revelation and realization of the Amazing Grace of the Lord would lead one to humble themselves at the feet of Jesus, repent and surrender ones life to Jesus for Him to take control. He can run my life better than I can!

One who is forgiven much loves much ( Luke 7:47) is Jesus policy that we should follow when we witness to others about Christ.

Unfortunately we are more prone to beat others over the head with their sin with threats of death and hell fire easily forgetting that the same Love that the Lord showed us while still sinners by His death on the Cross is the same Love He has for others who are still unbelievers as well. We are therefore called to, in fact commanded to, just love and leave the judging to the Lord.

The Jewish people in the time of Ezra had this conviction after they got a revelation of the Amazing Grace the Lord had granted them – a lost and scattered people coming back home and able to rebuild their lives and the Temple of the Lord against all odds and strong opposition.

Indeed when God is for us, who can prevail against us ( Romans 8:30-31).

The Mercy and loving kindness of the Lord endures forever,

The lord is Faithful and True, ( various Psalms such as Ps 177:2, 145: 7-9, 103:8)

…heaven and earth may pass away but the Word of the Lord shall not (Matthew 24:35 )

The Word of the Lord does not return to Him void but goes forth to accomplish that for which it was sent ( Isaiah 55:11).

Their repentance started from the leadership – we have all mixed with the people of the land, taken up their practices, married their women led by us leaders!

Do I lead my spouse and family in repentance?

With the power and authority for any place the Lord has blessed me with and put me in charge of , am I accountable and do I take responsibility for leading in repentance for any transgression under my watch?

Have I been loyal to my born again bloodline of Jesus Christ by taking His character and being obedient to His heavenly culture and leaving behind the ways of the world / flesh that are contrary to His nature and culture?

Am I still involved and enamored with the ways and people of the world ( looking back like Lot’s wife) or have I fully committed myself to Christ?

Am I a fence sitter, lukewarm in my Christianity, a convenient Christian when it suits me but fall back to excuses such as political correctness and I shall repent later, God will understand… (wrongly thinking it’s all about grace?

It is not about the law because Jesus is the fulfillment of the law and we are now under grace, but we can remove ourselves from the covering of Grace?? Judas? Rejecting / coming out of the house that is under the Passover Blood of the Lamb? ) …. for the areas that I want to still engage in contrary to God’s heart?

Have I ( or my Church) compromised my Christianity and the Truth of God and His Word with political correctness of having man’s ways and wisdom triumph over God’s Truth and Wisdom?

Cursed is he who rely’s on man, the flesh and the world ( Jeremiah 17:5)

Have I unknowingly put myself under a curse by relying on myself or the wisdom and ways of man?

Are the problems I am suffering :

Sword, captivity, plundering and shame representing aspects such as poverty, marriage and relationship breakdown, bondage of addictions ( sex, alcohol, smoking, pornography, masturbation, gambling…) miscarriages, health problems, rejection ( no marriage partner), can’t keep a job, overwhelmed with debts even though I work and so on… …As a result of my own doing or because of unrepentant sin (iniquities?) and evil altars ( Gideon) in my parents house, bloodline or ancestry?

Possibly some of the questions Ezra may have asked himself but one that I should seriously ask myself.

Ezra and those who understood the gravity of the matter sat down in mournful repentance. Ezra prayed ( confessed)…

Prayer of repentance

– I am ashamed ( of what I have done)

– I have sinned ( against You Lord)

– I am guilty (of my sin, no excuses)

– Me, my house, my ancestors have sinned

– We have brought our problems on ourselves because of our sin.

– The little goodness we still experience in our lives are from You Lord and they are just because of Your Grace towards us Lord.

– It is just because of Your unfailing Love, mercy and grace ( For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son to die on the Cross for my sin thereby releasing to me divine Mercy and enabling me to enjoy divine Grace – Thank You Lord).

– Thank You Lord that You still bless me and protect me because of the finished work of the Cross, the Cross that depicts Your Love and mercy that endures forever.

– I repent for any place sin entered my life and family, whether through myself, parents, bloodline or ancestry.

– I repent of not fully committing and surrendering all aspects of my life and family to You Lord Jesus.

– For me and my house I declare and decree, believe and receive by grace through faith the finished work of the Cross upon my life and family.

– Thanking You that Your precious Blood has wiped away all our sin.

– Thank You Lord Jesus for Your Amazing Grace over my life and family, that You present us to the Father as the righteousness of God in Yourself , that indeed You were patient with me and my family knowing that You may not always strive with man ( Psalms 103:9)

– Help us never to grieve Your Holy Spirit and keep us from the dangers of backsliding.

– I declare that me and my house we shall serve the Lord with the Lord taking preeminence in all aspects of our lives, so help us Lord. I pray the prayer of Psalm 103 and declare and decree it over my life and family in the mighty and powerful name of Jesus…


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