Acts 1:14-26 >> The Judas Spirit? Choosing Church Leadership.

Acts 1

The Body of Christ should be :

  • – Meeting together
  • – Constantly united in prayer
  • – Non discriminating on gender

The Judas spirit…

  • – A member and leader in the church who fights the body of Christ from within
  • – More concerned on using the Church for personal gain and not for the business of Christ
  • – Brings a curse on themselves and their family? ( Rejecting Jesus whom they have encountered when they became born again! A backsliding Christian? )
  • – They shall be eventually replaced? The Lord’s business can go on with or without us!

It’s never about us but all about Jesus. Even the stones can be made to worship (Luke 19:40). It is a privilege and honor to be appointed to serve the living God.

Choosing leadership

  • – Matured and consistent in the faith
  • – A witness to the resurrection ( has a testimony of Jesus Christ in their own lives?)
  • – Choices between well known / popular / prominent ( Joseph Barsabbas Justus) or a relatively unknown ( Matthias)??
  • – Guidance of the Holy Spirit required to effectively do the Lord’s business.

Who chooses who?

We are chosen by God rather than us choosing God. Whoever chooses sets the agenda. By allowing God to choose our leadership ensures that they will be doing His business – accountable to Him . If we choose our own leadership we may have them do our own business and be distracted from God’s business.

– The Holy Spirit looks at the heart and not the outward appearance that man tend to focus on ( like David chosen over his brothers)

Leadership is about HEART!

# Lord give me a heart for leadership in the area that You have called me to be of service to You and Your Body, the Church. May Your Spirit guide me in all my ways and especially in serving Your people Your way and not my way or serving my interests. Indeed may all aspects of my life always be about You and pointing people to You as I submit myself to You as Your humble servant , and by Your grace, committed to doing Your work, Your way,  for Your glory. 


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