Acts 3 – A Christian by name Only? Broken but seeking Gold!

Acts 3

Jesus should be the lifestyle of every Christian.

Let’s not look down upon congregating together to worship the Lord – Church.

Lame since birth – how many of us have been born into Christianity, are suffering from one thing or another and the people around us just take us to church without much effect – giving temporary solution like money for the day instead of permanent solutions – teaching a man to fish instead of just giving a man fish??…. . It’s like dying of thirst while next to a spring of water. The Lord possibly says with a broken heart — my people perish for lack of knowledge( Hosea 4:6, Isaiah 5:13).

Is my walk in Christ paralyzed / lame?

Am I just sitting at the gate Beautiful – seeing others get blessed by the Lord, enjoying the presence and power of the Lord and not entering to encounter the Beauty of the Lord myself in His presence?

Would I rather sit outside the presence of God seeking human assistance instead of seeking the presence of God for divine assistance for my situation?

In my brokenness, am I more concerned about seeking silver and gold? Is this seeking the things of the world preventing me from coming into the presence of God?

Am I just a Christian by name and not by action ( faith – impossible to please God without it. Or faith without works ( of faith) is dead)?

Am I caught in the routine of just doing church?

We need an encounter with Jesus Christ – the Great I AM, who can be anything we want Him to be to us ( Healer, provider…) and who has paid for all we require. Unfortunately most Christian Churches don’t move in the power of God and the brethren are suffering. God’s tanks are full ( of living water / blessings / healings…)but the source for channeling God’s river of living water are dry & blocked while the Body is dying of thirst!

The Power of God through His Spirit can provide permanent solutions to our problems – the Author of life knows how to fix what He created!

Peter exercised the power and authority given to the body of Christ to set people walking in ( into) Christ, to enable them to walk themselves into the Temple ( develop a personal relationship with the Lord) and have a personal testimony of an encounter with the Lord, a testimony that lifts the name of Jesus up so that He can draw more people to Himself.

Faith in Jesus can take us out of whatever is crippling us – fear, depression, poverty, sickness, … As well as heal hurting areas of our lives – broken relationships / marriages.

Times of refreshment comes from the presence of the Lord. The only way to the presence of the Lord is through Jesus Christ His Son. All are called to be blessed. But repentance is key, and accepting Jesus into our lives to take complete control.

# Thank you Jesus for the gift of salvation. I invite you into my life to take complete control – changing in me what needs to be changed, transforming in me what needs to be transformed, healing in me what needs to be healed. I pray for more of your presence in my life to make me whole as you transform me more into your image and likeness from glory to glory. Amen.

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