Matthew 2: Of Dreams, Stars, Wisdom, Destiny…Don’t Worry, God is in Control!

Matthew 2

Wise men from the eastern lands asking about the new born king of the Jews.

– How did they know? — (Beginning of wisdom is the knowledge of God?)

– Somehow deduced it from a star rising ( the sun, moon and stars were for signs…)

– and had come to worship ( the heavens declare the glory of God) –  Psalm 19:1-2

These wise men were not Jews but knew to look for God. God reveals Himself to all that seek Him.

What is our response when we hear about Jesus the Messiah ? Troubled (like Herod) or joy / worship?

Is the enemy looking for your star?

Has the enemy taken / destroyed your star?

Does the enemy even care about your star?

Possibly ones star represents what one is predestined to achieve ( ones divine potential / destiny ) for the kingdom of God in this life?

The wise men worshiped and gave gifts to the King of Kings. Do we acknowledge Jesus as our Lord & King and surrender our most precious gift ( our lives) to Him?

God then speaks to them in a dream… ( not before?) to warn them not to go back to Herod. Joseph also warned in a dream. Importance of dreams – a way for God to speak to us. Am I ignoring God by ignoring my dreams? (… Living by every word from the mouth of God?)

Boys under 2 years killed – parallels to Moses? The enemy trying to destroy the bright starts of the kingdom of God to try prevent the purposes of God in the world. Moses was to save the Jews, Jesus was to save the world.

God is always in control.

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