Matthew 6: What is life all about? Getting satisfaction out of life…?

Matthew 6

Life is all about

  • – Putting God first in All things!
  • – Focusing / prioritizing on spiritual / heavenly things
  • – Having and living with an eternal perspective of life (a life beyond this world).

All good deeds shall receive a reward… It’s either from the world / men or from the Lord. God does not like to share His glory with another. So it’s you either do it for Him and for His glory or you do it for world / men / self glory.

Therefore My

  • – Giving
  • – Praying
  • – Forgiving
  • – Fasting
  • – Treasure
  • – Faith

…indeed all my concerns and desires, Should be focused on God and done / pursued for His glory first and foremost. That’s the only way it makes sense or, ….The only way life seems to make sense. Anything not focused on God has no life and will not last as heaven is all about the things of God, done God’s way.

Therefore we need a deep personal relationship with the Lord to ensure that all that concerns our life is synchronized to God’s will, purposes and plans. That’s when we can get satisfaction in life. The author / manufacturer of life indeed knows how life can work ( be lived) the most effectively and efficiently!

The insanity of trying to live life without consulting and adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions. I like to say – Life is not a rehearsal, live it out thoroughly but responsibly with eternity (life eternal) in mind.

The Lord’s ( model) Prayer :

– It’s not about me!…

– First and foremost it’s about God, His mighty and powerful name and His Holiness.

– It’s about His kingdom ( His business) and His will

– It’s about bringing His model of heaven down to earth

– It’s about God taking care of our daily needs ( allowing Him to take care of our needs, just as a loving Father would find pleasure in doing )

– It’s about His love for us ( sacrifice of His Son for our sins) and us in return loving others the same way by forgiving them also ( with no terms and conditions!)

– It’s about the Lord empowering us to overcome temptation ( His grace is sufficient?) and He delivering us from the evil one.

> It’s ALL ABOUT HIM AND nothing to do with me, but for me to acknowledge ( honor) Him and agree to have Him love me and take care of me His way.

Aligning ones treasure with heaven and all other things in life will fall into place.

Our eyes focused on the things of heaven( spiritual things) brings ( allows) light into one’s life. Looking down ( focusing on self / world) is focusing on darkness. Jesus is the light of the world. A bad eye cannot focus on spiritual / heavenly things and therefore cannot allow light in.

What images am I allowing into my life? – Heavenly images of light and life or – worldly images of sin and death

The choices of life seem to follow an either/or scenario without grey areas or a middle ground. Either choose Life or death, blessings or curse, light or darkness, things of God, or things of the world . We cannot serve two masters. # I choose Life, blessings, light >> God’s things God’s way.

Life can be a test about our faith ( trust) in God.

– Do I really believe with all my heart that God loves me and will take care of me ( providing what I need, not necessarily what I want)?

– Do I really believe the Word that indeed everything in my life ( even the bad) works out for my good as long as I love God and am pursuing His purposes?

– Do I trust God ( enough) with my life ( and all the other blessings He has given me) that I can surrender it ( them) back to Him? He knew it would be difficult for us and gave the example of offering His beloved only Son as a sacrifice for us. Abraham also was to offer Isaac.

God asks us for something great to give us greater ~ Anonymous

The test of faith is through an act of faith ( Faith without works ( of faith ) is dead. It is impossible to please God without faith).

God promises to provide for us daily ( what we need, even grace can be sufficient! ).

It is unbelievers that should be worried and not believers who have the loving Creator of the universe looking out for them.

The author / creator of life says / declares that the desires of life can only be satisfied through seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things ( that we may desire – what we need and not necessarily what we want) will be added (Matthew 6:33).

# Lord, empower me in ALL things concerning my life to indeed seek and put first Your Kingdom and Your Righteousness and truly believe in faith ( acts of faith, thoughts of faith, emotional reactions of faith) that all things shall be added onto me that will give me (eternal) satisfaction of all my desires. I surrender it all to You for You know me better than I know myself and have a much much much greater perspective on life and eternity. You are indeed the author and creator of all things and know how best all things should work and function. What we put into Your hands Lord, You prosper it. I put my life – all that I am, all that I have and all that I do back into Your hands for you to prosper. Indeed life is all about You. Amen!

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