Matthew 8: The demoniac within! Jesus wants our dirt! Just as I am! Carrying the enemy’s possessions?

Matthew 8

How many of us just follow Jesus ( doing church as routine) and never encounter Jesus ( His Power and Glory) ? We need to approach Jesus like the man with leprosy ( unclean, with sin) and ask for…. Cleansing from sin, healing from disease, provision for food, rent…

Jesus is always willing to bless us! We can come to Him just as we are, with our faults, sins and all and allow Him to heal and cleanse us. The sick go to a hospital to be healed, not the well. Therefore with our sickness and sin we can also go to Jesus as He is the one to heal and cleanse. It is therefore not necessary to be clean first before we go to Him, a position unfortunately put by many churches. We cannot make ourselves clean without Him, that is why we approach just as we are!

Jesus will still reach out and touch us ( and cleanse us from our sin – leprosy). With Jesus, Holiness ( making us whole) is contagious! When I do Church, am I being close enough to Jesus to experience His touch? or Am I one of those back door ( back of Church) Christians that seeks the miracle and not the miracle giver, seeking the healing and not the healer, seeking the blessings and not the blesser ( Woman with the issue of blood).  Ask, seek and knock and you will receive, find or it will be opened (Mat 7:7-8 )

Don’t tell anyone!? Go to the priest with an offering?? Possibly – We need to testify about our encounter with Jesus in the Body of Christ, but first by having confirmation from Church leadership. We will also need to take an offering of thanksgiving as an act of our faith that Jesus has indeed healed us. With two or more witnesses, a thing shall be established ( 1 Cor 13:1 ) We can then tell all others for the glory of God.

The Roman officer.

The leper approached Jesus for himself. We may also approach Jesus for another ( intercession). Some of us may be waiting to be in a place where God is moving ( waiting for a prophet / anointed man of God to come with the presence of God , waiting to go to church where there is the presence of God…) but we can just rely on the Word of God ( His promises in the Bible, a rhema Word He speaks to us directly through dreams, visions,…) and it shall come to pass. It shall be done to us according to our faith.

When we recognize the Authority of the Lord Jesus, that everything, indeed all things were created through Him, by Him and for Him, ( Col 1:16 & Romans 11:36 ) we get to understand that ALL those things under creation have to respond to His Word. That is the power of the Word, power of Jesus who is the Word , indeed living and powerful ( Heb 4:12 ).

The Word can go forth even ( especially) for those that are unworthy! It is the sick that need healing.

When we have faith in Jesus, believing in His authority and power over all things ( Jesus is bigger than my problem, not my problem is bigger than Jesus!) , Jesus is pleased, Jesus is amazed, Jesus is moved, Jesus responds, Jesus invites us to feast with Him in the kingdom of heaven with the other great people of faith ( we are empowered to do even greater things for the kingdom like the others before us – the kingdom comes to us on earth what can be done in heaven ) . Indeed, faith pleases God and He loves to work with people of faith ( Heb 11:6). With kingdom authority and power, even greater things shall we be able to do (John 14:12 ) in Jesus mighty name, with only simple commands ( dramatics unnecessary) . Includes but not limited to casting out evil spirits from demon possessed people and healing the sick.

Because we believe ( as soon as we believe?) it happens that same hour ( it is established).

Those that do not believe in Jesus, it is outer darkness that they have chosen, a separateness from God who is Light, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth… Sounds like hell! Jesus is the only way to the Father (John 14:6 ).

It is interesting that the gentiles are the ones enjoying the fruits of the kingdom more than the Jews for which it first came for. But it is all being reconciled now…

Peter was married. Even servants of God or their families are not immune to the enemy’s attacks. But the presence/ touch of Jesus ( or His Word) will still heal them.

After a true encounter with Jesus, we want to serve Jesus as we start to realise that the only thing that matters ( in our lives) is only what matters to Him! Peter’s mother in law served Jesus after He healed her.

A prophetic Word of the Lord shall come to pass. His Word is Faithfull and True. ( Ps 33:4 )

# Thank you Jesus as I stand on Your Word, Your Word that does not return to You void but goes forth to accomplish that for which it was sent, that You have indeed taken all my sickness and removed all my diseases. You were broken by the stripes at the Cross so that I may be healed and made whole. What Amazing Love, what a divine exchange! I therefore declare and decree in agreement with Your Word, the living and all powerful Word that I am fully healed and fully restored from all sicknesses, diseases and infirmities, both physical and spiritual… in Your mighty and powerful name Lord Jesus. AMEN!

Vs 18 – Jesus has called us, we believe and have received Him. Let’s leave the crowds/ world / flesh and get into the boat ( of salvation, the Ark) with Him to serve His kingdom.

Teacher of religious law wants to follow Him ( as a disciple) … But Jesus tells him of Fox holes and bird nests but Him not having a place to lay His head?? Seems to suggest with the But, that Jesus is not for the world or the things of the world ( from the ground to the sky). The law and religious law at that is a thing of the world and one has to leave that behind if they are to follow Jesus. The spirit and the flesh are not compatible ( Gal 5:17 ). The law came by Moses, but Grace and Truth came by Jesus ( John 1:17 ) Moses ( representing the law) was not allowed to enter the promised land while Joshua ( a type of Jesus) is the only one that can take us to our promised land.

Jesus could therefore be telling us – just like Him, we cannot be able to find rest in the things of this world especially by trying to fulfill the law ( of Moses) or even trying to mix it with His grace and truth. We can only find rest because we are saved only by grace through faith in Jesus and not by any works of ours – such as trying to perform all the commandments in order to be saved ( Eph 2:8-9 )

The teacher of the law wanted to follow Jesus with the law,

Vs 21 – Another disciple wanted to follow Jesus, but after burying his father. Some of us are called to align ourselves with kingdom business now, but we would still rather pursue worldly (earthly family) business that is ( spiritually) dead. Only the things of God can add life – Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life! ( John 14:6). If we miss Jesus on anything (that matters) we miss the Way of it, the Truth of it, the Life of it… Whether with our spouse, children, work / business, church, our calling in ministry, reading the Bible…

Jesus gets on the boat and some of us are left behind still attached to / distracted by the things and ways of the world instead of fully committing to spiritual things.

Those of us that agree to surrender ALL our life to the Lord start causing a storm in the kingdom of darkness. The devil does not want to let go easily and comes against us with threats and intimidation so that we can give up and go back to our old ways.

But Jesus is sleeping, at peace in the storm – He has confidence in His Word that (.. He has given to us…) the devil just goes about Like a roaring lion ( impersonating a real lion / not a real lion) looking for whom to devour – those that lose faith in Jesus and succumb to fear ( 1 Peter 5:8). We have not been given a spirit of fear, but of Love ( of God for us) , power ( of God in us) and a sound mind ( helmet of salvation) ( 2Tim 1:7 ).

Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4 ). Jesus is bigger than our problems and our problems have to respond to His Word. There is therefore power in us declaring the Word of God against our problem. We have been given power and authority over all the powers of darkness…. (Luke 10:19 ).

The demoniacs meet Jesus.

Violent evil spirits possess them but they still managed to approach Jesus?

Interesting how when we live with past hurts ( bitterness and unforgiveness) of what was done to us, we become unapproachable and violent that people avoid us. But we still need to approach Jesus to remove those hurts that possess us and consume us to our destruction. A good way to get over it mentally is to think of Jesus sacrifice on the Cross for my sin that He didn’t deserve. Jesus great Love and mercy shown to us is also what is expected of us to show to others. Forgive as you have been forgiven (Eph 4:32 ).

Let us let go of our past hurts, especially those that we have built memorials / tombstones for ( always remembering , refusing to let go) and cast them at Jesus feet. His burdens are light, His yoke easy. (Mat 11:30 )

With Jesus / in the presence of Light, darkness gets uncomfortable, they start complaining looking for excuses…even demons acknowledge and respect the authority and power of a Word from Jesus, know that they shall be severely dealt with after an appointed time (hell) and know that they have to wait for the Word to declare before they can do anything! His Word is also their command.

Cast out demons look for unclean things / people ( pigs) to go and possess. The same logic suggests that if one is possessed then it means that they had something unclean in them that attracted the evil spirits. In other words, some defilement in our life is what attracts the demon to us, or demons look for those that have something in common with them and come and attach themselves to it ( looking for whom to devour). Basically pigs are attracted to the mud! The agenda of the devil is to kill, steal and destroy – the pigs were driven to their destruction, the same agenda that the devil has for us – to drown us in our own problems.

Unfortunately some people are so attached to the gains from the unclean things of the world and don’t want to be free from it ( pornography industry, prostitution…) that they perpetuate a fierce agenda against the Body of Christ – Jesus and all things Jesus. They try to remove Him from Church ( many churches do everything but mention the name Jesus), from schools, from public places…. The Light will always make darkness uncomfortable and it will have no choice but to leave. The best way to deal with darkness is just to turn on the Light ( all other dramatics aside).

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