Matthew 9:1-8 > Power of – By Faith through Amazing Grace. Released from the paralysis of sin.

Matthew 9:1-8

Paralysed man on a mat brought by his friends. Jesus saw their friends faith and first released him from the paralysis of sin [ setting the captives free ( Luke 4:18) ].

Is my walk in this life paralysed by sin?

Jesus forgave the mans sin then told him to — stand up, pick up your mat and go home.

  • >> Stand with confidence that I am the righteousness of God in Christ,
  • >> Pick up the issues and excuses that have been dominating my life ( carrying and influencing me instead of me exercising my authority over them… Includes issues such as bitterness, unforgiveness, jealousy,…)
  • >> Start reconciliation with the people closest to me that are usually hurt the most by my sin. Taking the new found light / love of God to those closest to me.

Jesus encouraged the man because He knew that He had the solution, the only solution for a person who wants to get out of the bondage of sin… And the solution is Jesus Himself. Those that find Jesus or have an encounter with Jesus should therefore be encouraged – it is done, it is finished it is paid for. They have the only sacrifice acceptable to the Father that pays for their debt of sin.

Others can also be healed through our faith. Possibly why we may see at times those we know without faith being healed, say in a crusade – it is the faith of the preacher that gets the others healed. It is my faith that can / will also save my house ( Acts 16:31).

That is the Amazing Grace – we receive Jesus by grace through faith. No self effort required – it is all Jesus. ( Ephesians 2:8-9).

The law will always react against grace.

  • Ishmael – law and self effort.
  • Isaac – grace of God – God’s effort alone ?
  • Ishmael ( law and self effort) still persecutes Isaac ( Grace of God) till this day.

Sarah and Hagar Could not live in the same house as they represent different and opposing covenants (The mother of Grace and the the mother of self effort / law). It is either I do it through my self effort or, God does it. It is an either or scenario – when I stand, God sits….when I sit, God stands. >> Galatians 4: 21-31

Have I allowed God to stand for me in life?

# Lord Jesus, grant me the grace to labor into Your rest (Hebrews 4:10-11). That it is indeed done, it is finished, it is paid for…I therefore fight from victory and not for victory as I am seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, far above my enemies who have been made a footstool under my feet. The new covenant law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus is the law operating in my life and family and it has negated the law of sin and death over all aspects of my life and family. Amen!

The law came through Moses, Grace and Truth through Jesus Christ ( John 1:17). Grace is on the side of Truth…. The Truth is with Grace!

The love of God is represented by the Cross of Christ. For God so loved the world… ( John 3:16).

The Cross released to us Mercy >> not getting what we deserve, the wages of sin.

The Mercy of God also released the free gift of Grace >> getting what we don’t deserve – being made the righteousness of God in Christ. Justification by faith. Receiving all His Goodness for all our badness — the divine exchange. That is why it is Amazing Grace – it is completely unearned, undeserved, unmerited, divine favour.

The law always wants us to work for something >> the glory points to me – I did it because I am strong / able / clever / a hard worker /… It is all about me, me, me, I, I, I !

Grace wants me to just receive the finished work of the Cross >> the glory points to Jesus. It is All about Him, nothing about me. He did it for me! As I have heard it preached – the lost sheep just has to allow himself/ consent to be carried by the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd does everything for His sheep – protects them, guides them, looks for and feeds them in green pastures, directs them beside still waters…

Am I still resisting being carried by Jesus?

# Lord I repent for hanging on to the law, the law that is always trying to satisfy my flesh, my self effort in trying to share in Your glory of a perfect work that You already finished on the Cross, the law that demands works so that I am justified and hence negates grace… Lord, release me from the evil thoughts in my heart that would want to attack Your Grace at work in my life but especially when I see Your Grace working in the life of others. May I believe and receive the working of Your Grace in my life by faith. Lord Jesus, may I also have Your Faith in me that would release Your Grace upon the life of others so that they may experience Your power through me, all for Your glory. Thank You Jesus for Your Amazing Grace over my life and family. Indeed it is not by might nor by power but by the Spirit of God. Oh God fill me with Your Spirit to empower and guide me in all my ways so that I can make an enduring impact for the kingdom of God for the Glory of God. Amen!

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