Matthew 9:27-38 >> Ashamed of Jesus & the Gospel? Demons fear the Name of Jesus. Carrying my cross?

Matthew 9:27-38

Is a demon preventing me from mentioning and glorifying the name of Jesus?

Ashamed of the Gospel?

Carrying my cross & following Jesus?


The Power of the Cross.

  • The Cross is the Love of God. For God so loved the World that He sent His only Son to die on the Cross (John 3:16 ).
  • At the Cross, divine Mercy ( and compassion) was released – not getting what we deserve, the wages of sin. Father forgive them….( Luke 23:34)
  • When Mercy was released, we received divine Grace – getting what we don’t deserve.
  • The divine exchange – Jesus took All our bad and gave us All His good and presented us as the righteousness of God justified by Grace through faith…(Ephesians 2:8 )
  • The power of the Cross strikes the head of the serpent ( in Golgotha / skull) and renders the serpent powerless ( and confused) over our lives for whatever situation we put under the Cross of Christ ( Genesis 3:15)

The men activated / brought themselves under the power of the Cross – Jesus have mercy on us – release Your Mercy so that we can receive Your Grace and be healed.

Seems most of Matthew 9 is speaking more to the Jews and the Nation of Israel?? The synagogue leader and her daughter. The Jewish woman with the issue of blood. Now the 2 blind Jewish men. ( Jews were the ones that addressed Jesus as Son of David).

If that is the case, then the context of the blind Jewish men is that of spiritual blindness as well and if they believe in their Messiah ( they were asked if they believe and not the others) then their spiritual blindness will be healed ( their eyes opened) and they will get to see Jesus / a revelation of Jesus Christ . The Messianic Jews??

Vs 30 – don’t tell anyone?? Possibly because His time had not yet come to have the eyes of the Jews open according to prophecy of the old testament but if anyone seeks earnestly and calls on Jesus in faith, then by grace Jesus will respond to them.

But a true encounter with Jesus will leave one overwhelmed by His Amazing Grace and they will not be able to contain themselves but testify of Jesus through His finished work of the Cross.

The demon cast out of the possessed man and he could speak. Nothing like that seen before in Israel. The Pharisees accuse Him of using demonic powers.

It is interesting that the devil does all in his power to not have anyone use the name of Jesus. Some Churches can do all things but mention the name of Jesus. One can mention the name of God and the names of all other gods but not under any circumstances mention the name of Jesus ( in schools, government, workplaces, public places…). The name of Jesus is so powerful that at its mention the demons become uncomfortable and confused that they can even accuse themselves.

There is indeed power, power wonder working power in the mighty name of Jesus.

Am I comfortable in mentioning and glorifying Jesus and His name?

Is my Church mentioning and glorifying the name of Jesus?

Is something restricting / limiting my mention of the name of Jesus freely to the world around me or am I a closet Christian bound by political correctness ?

# Lord Jesus, please deliver me from all yokes, chains and bondages that may restrict or prevent me from mentioning and glorifying Your mighty and powerful name to the world around me. I repent for anytime I have ever denied You or have been ashamed of mentioning Your Name and Your Gospel. Please deliver me from the subtle tactics of the enemy that would get me to deny You by falling prey to worldly gimmicks such as of political correctness that stand against Your Word and Truth. Indeed may it be so in my life that you transform me into Your Image and Likeness from glory to glory so that people who see me just sense that I have been with Jesus, that indeed Jesus is within me because I reflect His glory and all that He is to others around me. May my life be a living testimony of Christ Jesus. Amen!

Vs 35 – need for workers

Do I make an effort to spread the Good News of the Kingdom?

Do I teach others about Jesus and His Word?

Do I walk in miracles signs and wonders ( activating and applying the Word) to be a blessing to others, to reflect the Love and compassion of God to others?

Having been a beneficiary of the power of the Cross, Am I also releasing the power of the Cross to others or just enjoying it by myself?

Am I reflecting the Love of God to others?

  • ….Taking up my cross,
  • …releasing mercy to others ( not giving them what they deserve, denying myself my rights to pay back a deep hurt…)
  • …activating grace ( giving others what they don’t deserve – forgiving just like Jesus forgave me )
  • ….and following Jesus?

Our demonstration of the Cross of Christ would display the needed compassion to a confused, helpless and hurting generation – and they, Jesus followers, shall be known by their love ( John 13:35).

The harvest is great, the workers are few… Am I willing to be one of the workers?

# Lord of the harvest, send more workers into Your fields. Empower me to not be ashamed of the Gospel but in fact be a person who is able to live the Gospel under any circumstances for the glory of God. Amen!

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