Matthew 9:9-13 > Effective Discipleship through Amazing Grace. Grace overcomes the sin(ner)!

Matthew 9:9-13

Hey you sinner, come and follow me and be my disciple!? Jesus calls us just as we are. How else can it be if He is the one that cleanses us from our sin? Most of us may have the mistaken notion of Jesus calling those that are already clean to come to Him…. To do what exactly? Who cleansed them if Jesus is the cleanser?

Matthew may have been surprised by the Amazing Grace of our Lord Jesus – ( getting what I don’t deserve), looked around possibly with a ‘who me?’ surprise , not believing that someone wanted to be his friend.

Matthew got up and followed Jesus. Mathew invited Jesus, His disciples and others unwanted like him to his home for dinner. That is the power of the Gospel of God’s Amazing Grace, an example Jesus gives us of effective discipleship, a powerful way to get people to surrender their lives to Jesus and invite Him into their lives.

  • It gets people to surrender their lives to Jesus.
  • It gets people to evangelise / witness to others of the Good News of the Gospel of God’s Amazing Grace.

Unfortunately we are more wired as humans to condemn others with Christians trying to beat others into submission with fear and intimidation of judgement and hell for their sin. This unfortunately pushes the very people who need cleansing from sin away from the very Jesus who can cleanse people from their sin! The sick in sin need the doctor sin cleanser -Jesus!

  • There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus ( Romans 8:1)
  • For God so loved the world for the saving of sinners who believe and not for their condemnation ( John 3:16-17)
  • No one can separate us from the Love of God and Jesus Himself justifies us and intercedes for us ( Romans 8:33-35).

Law came through Moses, Grace and Truth through Jesus (John 1:17) Grace (Jesus) will always be attacked by the law ( the Pharisees representing the law of Moses). – John 7:19 But the Truth is on the side of Grace.

Ishmael represents self effort, the flesh and the law that keeps us in bondage and Hagar is the mother.

Isaac represents grace and freedom – God’s effort alone – and Sarah is the mother. ( Gal 4:21-31)

The continuation of the law seems to be a scheme of the enemy of keeping Christians in bondage as it goes against the new covenant Gospel of Jesus ( Titus 2:11)which is the Gospel of God’s Grace ( Acts 20:24).

The law and Grace / Isaac and Ishmael / flesh and spirit are not compatible and are in fact contrary to one another. ( Gal 5:16-18).

As I have heard it said, Unfortunately today in the Church, there are still those that want to have Hagar come and take care of Isaac but we are told in scripture to get rid of the slave woman and her son ( Gal 4:30). It Basically means that we get rid of the law ( come out of the old covenant of the law) and come under grace which is the Gospel of Jesus. Grace gives us power to overcome sin while we wrongly think that it is the law and it’s obedience that will get us to overcome sin ( Romans 6:14-15)

# Lord I thank You for Your Love for me through the sacrifice of the Cross. The same Cross that paid not only for my sin but for others as well. I pray Lord that You saturate me with Your Love so that I may also be able to love others just as You have loved me, that I may be able to also look at others from Your perspective on the Cross and leave the judging of others to You. May I always remain under the power of Your Grace, under the new covenant and may I not be one to put others, knowingly or unknowingly, under the bondage of the old covenant of the law. May my thoughts, words and actions represent and reflect the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to others so that people will be drawn to the Amazing Grace of the Cross of no condemnation, the Cross that is in fact one of justification as the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Amen!

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