Genesis 12 >>The Blessings of Abraham. Spiritual Adultery? Throwing my pearls before swine? The Lord’s Amazing Grace!

Genesis 12

When the Lord wants to do great things with us, He may have us leave the things of the world, even the things we may love most like country, relatives and family and surrender our lives to Him.

The promises to Abram :
– Will be made into a great nation
– Will be blessed
– Will be made famous
– Will be a blessing to others
– Those that bless him are blessed
– Those that curse him are cursed
– Through him all families of the earth will be blessed.

Abram left Haran for Canaan at 75 years.

Took his wife Sarai, Lot his nephew and all his wealth.
>> Abram was told to leave his father’s family but he also took his nephew Lot.

At Shechem beside the Oak of Moreh
– The Lord appeared and confirmed to Abram that the land of Canaan will be given to his descendants
– Abram built an altar and dedicated it to the Lord.

Between Bethel and Ai , Abram built another altar, dedicated it to the Lord and worshiped the Lord.

Building an altar, dedicating the altar, worshiping the Lord.

Significance of building & dedicating an altar on to the Lord for His promises??

Abram was travelling south in stages towards the Negev.

>> Progressive growth in spiritual life?

– Traveling south in stages towards the Negev — how one would slowly but subtly move out from the will of God for ones life?? 

A severe famine struck the land of Canaan and Abram went down to Egypt as a foreigner.

>> Possibly Abram went without consulting the Lord first.
– He was told to go to the land that the Lord himself will show him.
At times difficult situations may come our way or we may be forced into difficult situations… as a test of faith?? Will we go back to the Lord or flee to the world for solutions?

Abram asks his wife to lie to the Egyptians that she is his sister because of fear for his life as the husband of a very beautiful woman.
>> How often when faced with a difficult situation am I willing to abandon even those closest to me to save myself or for self benefit?
Even Adam said… It is this woman You gave me?

Or, How often do we trade the good / anointed things that the lord may have blessed us with ( whoever finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord…Proverbs 18:22) for the comfort of our own lives thereby throwing away the favor of God in our lives?

# Lord have mercy on me!

The Bride of Christ (the Church) being desired by the world (Egypt) because of her beauty (fruits and gifts of the Spirit).

…But as the Church, we are not to be unequally yoked…2 Corinthians 6:14

…we are not to be committing spiritual adultery, thereby rendering ourselves hostile towards the Lord…James 4:4

…by loving the world and the things of the world ( desires of the flesh, desires of the eyes and the pride of life …1 John 2:15-16)

…possibly a case of giving dogs what is holy or throwing our pearls before swine…Matthew 7:6

…A case of (mis) using God’s gifts and blessing ( in a sinful / unorthodox way – lying) to gain favor with (wealth from) the world, more for self interest and not for kingdom purposes and the glory of God??

#Forgive me Lord!

Sarai was taken in by the palace and Abram was treated well and given many gifts because of her.
>> But Abram was still blessed and his family protected by the Lord

> For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance…(Romans 11:29)??

But the Lord sent a terrible plague to pharaoh and his household because of Sarai.

Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm…(Psalm 105:15)??

Pharaoh accused Abram, returned his wife and ordered them out of the land with all their belongings.

The Church can bring a curse upon the world if it allows her gifts from God to be (mis)used by the world for their purposes and not for God and His glory??…

…The beautiful bride is already for / committed to Christ – The Bride of Christ and the lord is a jealous God, jealous about His bride…Exodus 34:14

# I thank You Lord God Almighty for Your Amazing Grace. That Your blessings on my life is more to do with who You are and nothing to do with me.

Indeed I thank You Lord Jesus for the finished work of the Cross that released Mercy upon my life and I received abundant Grace and was presented as the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. 

I believe and receive, by grace trough faith, the blessings of Abraham through Christ Jesus and the promise of the Spirit through faith.

May the blessings of Abram always be upon my life so that I can also be a blessing to others by making an enduring impact for the kingdom of God, for the glory of God, me and my house.

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