Matthew 11: A new covenant encounter with Jesus? Whose fruit do I bear? Fruit of the Kingdom?? Carrying Unnecessary Burdens?

Matthew 11

Jesus Christ the Messiah 
– a fulfillment of the law and the prophecy of the prophets 
– Greater than the law and greater than the prophets. 
Came with Grace and Truth. His Truth ( even the hard / harsh truth… Such as the wages of sin is death… ) is revealed to us with Grace, comes to us with Grace ( it is done, it is finished, it is paid for, for all who believe …) – indeed His yoke is easy, His burden light. 

Vs 1- 
A leader living / leading by example. Jesus gave instructions to His disciples and also went out to teach and preach in the towns through out the regions. 

Is my life a living testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? 
Do I read the Word and also apply it in my life?

Applied or Theoretical Christianity??

# Lord Jesus, help me not only to read Your Word, but also be able to understand it and apply it in my life as well as to use it to be a blessing to others around me. Transform me into Your Image and Likeness from glory to glory so that my life may be a living testimony of Your Gospel. AMEN!

And they shall be known by their fruits. 
What was expected of the Messiah when He comes…
– What one hears and sees. One needs a testimony of their encounter with the Lord Jesus in their life. A true encounter with Jesus never leaves one the same again. 
Is there still an area of my life that I am keeping away from Jesus? 

# Lord Jesus, may people be able to hear of You in me or through me and see Your reflection off me. Indeed, may it be more of You Lord Jesus and less of me as I reflect more of Your Image and Likeness to those around me. May I attach my self to the True Vine in the Lord Jesus so that good fruit may be produced in me and through me to be a blessing to others also around me. AMEN!

An encounter with the Messiah (in me) should produce things (around me) – miracles signs and wonders – that are heard and seen such as :
The blind see…  Getting a revelation of Jesus Christ…that is, helping others to also see Jesus. It is all about Jesus, the Light of the world. Pointing all to Jesus, indeed as the Alpha and Omega of all things and the Great I AM. 

-The lame walk… Not only getting people to see Jesus, but also helping them to be ready to walk with Him….(making disciples ready to walk with / follow Jesus). Is any aspect of my life paralysed? Jesus came that I may have life and life more abundantly (John 10:10). Walking in the abundant life of divine – health, finances, relationships, spiritual life and so on in whatever area of my life that has been paralysed. Jesus will help me walk in the straight and narrow road that leads to the Father and avoid the broad road that leads to destruction. 

The lepers are cured… As I see and recognise Jesus, and I agree to walk with Him as He guides me, I will find that the things of the enemy can no longer be in, near and around me. Indeed sin becomes uncomfortable around me and their attachment and defilement in my life begin to fade away and fall off. Just like darkness becomes very uncomfortable with light and has no option but to flee! In other words, deliverance from enemy defilement & enemy strongholds, particularly those that came in through sin and iniquities begins in my life.

– The deaf hear… with all the above happening, and my relationship with the Lord deepens, I also begin recognizing and hearing the voice of God more clearly  as He guides me into the fruitful and abundant life. I will also be able to help others hear God more clearly, such as through receiving and revealing to them a prophetic Word from the Lord ( that is a testimony of Jesus for their life…Revelation 19:10). Whose voice am I listening to? Who we listen to influences our lives. 
# May the Voice of Life in Christ Jesus have the only influence over my life. 

– The dead are raised to life. With Christ in me the Hope of Glory, every dead area of my life can be brought back to life and I should also be able to this, and even greater things, for other…all for the kingdom of God and for His glory. What dead area of my life needs resurrection power of the Lord Jesus? My health in the form of a death sentence from a terminal illness, my finances under overwhelming debts, my strained relationships with parents or children, my marriage at a breaking point or in divorce? Nothing is impossible for our God and it is never too late… just like He raised Lazarus from the dead four days later and He was still on time. 

– The Good News being preached to the poor. …(poor in spirit, that is without Christ or His spirit). All this is indeed the Good News of the Gospel of Grace …(Acts 20:24), where we experience the Amazing Love, Amazing Mercy & Amazing Grace when we allow ourselves to be filled and enriched with the presence of the Lord in our lives. Therefore my life and interactions with others should be a testimony of this Good News, indeed it should always be lifting up (pointing to )Jesus (the Cross) so that He draws all people to Himself…(John 12:32)

How much of Jesus or His Spirit do I have in me?

Am I rich or still poor in spirit, even after encountering Jesus?

Do I take time to cultivate a relationship with Jesus, opening up my life for Him to come in and transform me into His image and likeness from glory to glory?

#Lord Jesus, help me to be rich in Your Spirit, indeed filled with Your Holy Spirit such that it fills me up and overflows out of me like rivers of living waters that can also nourish those in near and around me for Your kingdom and for Your glory.

A true encounter with Jesus Christ will leave one burning to testify to others of what Jesus has done for them and what Jesus can do for others. The Good News shall be preached without fear or favour to all willing to listen. This is especially seen in so called enemy strongholds against the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Middle East, China, Russia and Far East countries where there are currently experiencing phenomenal growth of Churches and people coming to Christ in spite of strong resistance and persecution to the death. They overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of their testimony (Revelations 12:11 ). 

God blesses those who believe and trust in Jesus. Indeed Jesus has been given all authority under heaven and earth (Matthew 28:18 ). Just like if I had a company and I give my son authority to run it, I would be pleased and indeed may reward those that not only obey him, but especially those that go out of their way to make the company successful under my sons direction, as he who holds my vision for the company. 

Vs 7-
People are usually eager to hear a Word from the Lord. There seems to be something about the supernatural that intrigues humans from time immemorial. They would go to the wilderness to seek a word from the common man or even the high and mighty, indeed anyone that is in touch with the supernatural. 

John the Baptist was a true prophet of old and was even referred to in scripture. But anyone under the new covenant of the Blood of the Lamb is greater than anyone, even the greatest of those that lived before Jesus on earth. Being born again into the Kingdom of Heaven through Christ Jesus makes one greater than all others that are not born again. 
Jesus takes all our bad and gives us all His good thereby making us the righteousness of God in Himself. ..(2 Corinthians 5:21)

Vs 12?? – The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force??

  • The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy, especially the things of God…(John 10:10)
  • Therefore, any violence that one suffers from the enemy is usually an indication that it may be something of God that the enemy is deathly afraid of. After all, it is said that only a tree that produces fruit is the one that rocks are thrown at (~ African proverb??)
  • The enemy also does not want to let go of anything / anyone easily and is ready to fight…unleash violence.
  • But those that can withstand violence, such as by putting on the full armor of God and wielding the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God, are able to easily take their inheritance in Christ Jesus…After all…
  • …Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world…(1 John 4:4)
  • …No weapon formed against me shall prosper and any tongue that rises against me in judgement I condemn and that is my heritage as a servant of the living God…(Isaiah 54:17)

Vs 13 – The Law through Moses and the prophets represented by Elijah came to witness to Jesus ( as greater than the law and the prophets as He came to fulfill them…Matthew 5:17) at the mount of transfiguration??

Vs 14 – John the Baptist as the prophet Elijah that was to come?? 

This generation seems confused / cannot decide on their expectations of the Messiah, whether to mourn or be happy… 

Confirmation of anything to do with Jesus the Messiah shall be known / shown by its fruits. In the same way the confirmation that we are truly born again and have Jesus in us will be known / shown by the fruits we produce. The results now, but especially at the end of time will prove as to who was right, who held the truth all along. 

Jesus reveals Himself to us through miracles signs and wonders so that we may repent and turn back to God. The judgement will be severe for those that resist the conviction of the Holy Spirit and especially for those that have confirmation through miracles signs and wonders that the Lord may use to reveal Himself to them but they still ignore or resist. 

Divine revelation comes to those that are humble and childlike towards the Lord. The Lord chooses the foolish and weak things of this world to confound the wise and the strong ( 1 Corinthians 1:28). 

The Father has entrusted everything to Jesus. ..Jesus is the one who reveals the Father to us. ..(Matthew 11:27)

We surrender our life ( issues) to Jesus and He gives us rest. We cast all else and take on Jesus and He will teach us in humility and gentleness ( There is now no more condemnation for those in Christ Jesus…Romans 8:1) and our souls will be at peace. His yoke is easy and His burden light if we cast all else ( the world / flesh / man / self effort…) and take Him up to be our Lord and Saviour, our great I Am …Indeed He is able to be any and all that we need Him to be in whatever area of our life ( Jehovah – Rapha our healer, Jireh our provider, Shalom our peace and so on …). 

Amazing Love indeed, where God so loved me that He gave me His only beloved Son,

…To release Amazing Mercy upon my life, where I don’t get what I deserve, the wages of my sin,

…and enabling me to receive His Amazing Grace, so that I can get what I don’t deserve, being made the righteousness of God in Christ.

# Lord Jesus, I repent of any aspect of my life that is still in resistance to You and that I have not surrendered totally to You. 
Lord Jesus I surrender all that I am, all that I have and all that I do to You. It is all from You and I can do nothing without You. Indeed may all that matters in my life be only what matters to You as I humble myself before You acknowledging that You are my Lord and Saviour.

I cast all my cares and anxieties at Your feet as I invite more of Your presence in all aspects of my life. Guide me into Your shalom and the abundant life and indeed into all that You have made available for me through Your finished work of Your Cross at Calvary.

May I be attached to You Lord Jesus as the True Vine that will enable me produce good fruit that I may also use to be a blessing to others for Your glory. May my life be a living testimony that brings honour and glory to Your Name. 

I thank You Lord for Your Amazing Love,

I thank You Lord for Your Amazing Mercy,

I thank You Lord for Your Amazing Grace…

That You shower upon my life each and every day.

I believe and receive by grace trough faith the finished work of the Cross upon my life, that indeed all curses on my life are broken in Christ who became a curse for me …and that I am therefore able to receive the blessings of Abraham through Christ Jesus and the promise of the Spirit through faith. 


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