Nehemiah 1: A Heart of Compassion. Are my walls and gates destroyed?Intercession Prayer of Repentance…

Nehemiah 1

Returning to Jesus from our backsliding ways to have Jesus dwell in us again.
At times we may find that the enemy has done what he does best while we allowed him into our lives – killing, stealing and destruction – with our walls torn down (lack of protection) and gates destroyed( discernment ability of good or bad / communication with the Holy Spirit / relationship with the Lord / …as in… place where we give authority (submission / free will) of who between the Lord or the enemy to submit to and obey (allow into our lives).

A heart of compassion for God’s people that are in trouble and disgrace:
– Mourns
– Fasts
– Prays

Intercession Prayer of Repentance :
– Praise and worship
– Ask the Lord to listen to our prayer
– Pray without ceasing
– Confession and repentance for ourselves, family and others
– We go as we are, the Lord is faithful and true to forgive all our sin, no matter what, however bad ( except rejecting His forgiveness through the finished work of the Cross brought about by the conviction of the Holy Spirit …blasphemy of the Holy Spirit??)
Reminding God …

  • …of His promises
  • …to listen to our prayers
  • …to listen to the prayers of those that intercede for us and those who please Him
  • …to give us favor with Himself and man.

God wants us to put His Word back to His Remembrance, reminding Him of His Word and promises so that He can act of it…(Isaiah 43:26, Isaiah 1:18)

For the Word of the Lord does not return to Him void, but goes forth to accomplish that which He pleases and it prospers wherever He sends it…(Isaiah 55:11)

Intercession Prayer of Repentance …vs 4-11

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