LFM 2019 March 31: The Demoniac within … me?? Casually playing with sin? Offering comfort to the enemy?

LFM – Sunday 31 March
Isaiah 53:10-12
  • The purpose of God is in Jesus
  • Carrying my cross
    • Suffering for good reason for the Lord
  • God can turn any situation for my good…Romans 8:28
Isaiah 59:21
  • My time with the Lord is never spent in vain
  • His Spirit & His Word shall not only impact me but also my children
  • Me and my house shall be saved & blessed …Acts 16:31
? Can I testify on anything that the Lord has done?
? Is there any change in my life after my encounter with Christ?
? Do I preach / teach but don’t partake in the fullness of what I teach / preach?

Luke 8:26-39 – Demoniac Cured


Which aspect of my life or family or dream life resembles the demoniac?

Jesus meets the demoniac
  • Wears no clothes – shame or disgrace
  • Not living in a house – lack of faith / poverty / poor in spirit ( unsettled / kutotulia)
  • Living among the tombs – past hurts / traumas
  • …e.g. harboring bitterness, unforgiveness
  • …everything is someone’s fault, never my own,  never taking responsibility for anything.
  • ….nime onewa, nime pangiwa,  nime fanyiwa
  • Violent – kept in chains often but he would break them
    • The enemy character of killing, stealing and destruction
    • No discipline, self control, everything in life just goes in disarray.
    • … can’t keep work,  child, spouse or any blessing.
    • …Like self sabotage
  • Was driven into the desert by the evil spirits
    • Away from where the Spirit of God is

With all my issues, can I humble myself at Jesus feet?

  • He cast himself at Jesus feet
  • Health,  finances,  relationship
  • … or that aspect of life ni  kujipanga?
  • …mganga, illuminati,  mungiki

Wherever the presence of the Lord is, the enemy is thrown into a panic

  • With all the issues, always seek where the Light / Jesus is. 
  • Light & darkness cannot coexist together
  • Light will always overpower darkness
  • Jesus commanded the spirits to leave
  • …Asked the demon its name – Legion for they are many
  • Continually begged  not to command them into the abyss
There is power in the Name of Jesus
I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus…Romans 8:37
I have victory in Christ Jesus … 1 Corinthians 15:57

Spirits recognize Jesus & know their fate

  • What do we have in common
    • Do I hold something of the enemy that he uses to hook into my life?
    • Secret sin,
    • Subtle sin such as bitterness & unforgiveness
  • Jesus the Son of the most High
    • Do I recognise Jesus as indeed the Son of the most high?
    • That indeed He is all powerful …
    • …bigger than my biggest problem,
    • …stronger than my strongest fight
  • Do not torment us before our time
    • Demons already know their fate – eternal torment
    • Am I casually playing with sin that can lead me into eternal torment?
    • …mpango wa kando,  slay queen
  • Demons asked to be commanded into the pigs
  • – searches for unclean places – where they are use to
  • Does my life offer a comfortable place for the enemy to inhabit?
  • Killing, stealing & destruction – pigs driven into the sea & drowned
Man was
  • Sitting at Jesus feet
  • In his right mind
  • People are changed at the feet of Jesus
Jesus asked to leave
  • People are not comfortable with miracles
  • Spirit of fear
  • Wherever light is, darkness is uncomfortable.
Man begged Jesus to go with him
  • Jesus told him to return home & testify
  • the man went testifying what Jesus had done
  • Testimony amplifies blessings
  • Not every miracle in our life qualifies us to be in formal ministry.
A testimony that others can notice
~ Prophetic ministry & prayer

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