LFM 2019 April 7: Am I Salt & Light? Birthing a promise.

Sunday 7 April
Matthew 5:13-15 (AMP)
13 “You are the [d]salt of the earth; but if the salt has [e]lost its taste (purpose), how can it be made salty? It is no longer good for anything, but to be thrown out and walked on by people [when the walkways are wet and slippery].
14 “You are the light of [Christ to] the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; 15 nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.
  • In Christ, I am the salt of the earth
    • I can bring out the life / goodness / taste out of a dull or normal or stressful situation
    • E.g. bringing life and life more abundantly – healing, provision, other solutions to life’s problems
    • In health – spiritual & physical,
    • finances – work or business with new ideas, solutions,
    • Relationships – marriage, children, parents, relatives, friends,
  • .
    • Do people see a positive difference in me when I am around? 
    • … where they come to / seek  me when I am around because the peace, love, goodness of God… the fruits of the Spirit of God … overflows from me?
    • … or do people try to avoid me at all costs,  my children, family, relatives and friends because of some aspect of my character?
  • Without Christ in me, I just become ordinary

    • Operating like the world without the power of Christ
With the light of Christ in me
  • I should be giving insight and revelation to the world around me
  • Christ would not give me His light so that I may hide it, but so that I may also use it as a blessing to others
  • How do I utilize my gifts and callings to be a blessing to others, for the glory of God?
  • Singing, teaching, encouraging, helping the needy / compassion, entertaining…
  • … or do I spend most of my time with these gifts talking politics all day,  entertaining friends in the bar or kwa mtaa  – basically in things that do not add value to my life or another’s in any way.
What character do I reflect – when younger
  • Wewe unkaa pastor, player anayependa wanawake, slay queen, anayependa raha, comedian,  mjanja  biashara .
Genesis 21:1-14 – The Birth of Isaac

Birthing a promise of God

When God makes a promise, He shall fulfill it
  • Even at an old age, Abraham, having waited for a long time, God still fulfilled His promise despite the circumstances
  • The Word of God shall not return to Him void…Isaiah 55:11
  • …Heaven & earth may pass away, but the Word of God shall not fail…Matthew 24:35
  • What promises of God in my life have I given up on that are still valid?
We should have the Lord graciously remember and visit us
  • …Bring the Lord to remembrance, …Isaiah 43:26
  • … remind Him of His Word, for His Word will not return to Him void … Isaiah 55:11
  • … open His gates with thanksgiving & His courts with praise…Psalm 100:4
  • How often do I practice any of these? 

The promise of God needs to be conceived, carried to term & given birth to.

  • Conceived – possibly faith activated
    • It, (the promise, faith ) is something hoped for (after God tells us) and the evidence of things unseen ( that God has promised us)…Hebrews 11:1
    • Can’t please God without faith, where we first believe that God actually exists and that He rewards those who sincerely seek Him…Hebrews 11:6
  • Carried to term – appropriate time – God’s time / timing
    • Giving time for the promise to take root , develop and mature in us
    • Giving time for us to be prepared to handle the blessing
  • Given birth to – Manifestation


God  needs to prepare us to handle the blessing.

Can your spouse be happy that you win a lottery?
  • 2nd wife,  raha tupu.
  • Nimevumilia sana,  na huyu mwanamume
Can I pass the test of faith (fulness)?
  • Once blessed, am I overcome by pride and arrogance?
  • The heart of man is deceitfully wicked...Jeremiah 17:9

There may be terms and conditions to maintain / sustain a blessing in our lives

  • Abraham circumcised his son – covenant
  • Do I negate / render null & void my blessing by not following the terms & conditions?
Isaac named laughter
  • The blessings of the Lord makes one rich  and addeth no sorrow…Proverbs 10:22
  • …adds something positive as opposed to a curse that adds a negative in ones life or situation.
Abraham held a great feast
  • Always good to thank the Lord for His blessings in our lives
  • Testimony and thanksgiving towards the Lord has a tendency to amplify our blessings.
  • … Story of the 10 lepers,  one returns in thanksgiving and more is added to him… Luke 17
  • Those who doubt / have little faith are the ones that eventually speak loudest and with pride about the blessing when it manifests…like Sarah

When God’s promises finally manifest, all others ( of the world, flesh, self effort) will pale in comparison

  • One will want to get rid of the tool (Hagar) or the product (Ishmael) of the effort not of God –
  • …Sarah wanting to get rid of Hagar & Ishmael
The promise carrier, Abraham, will be in distress for putting another’s word above God’s Word
  • Power & authority comes with responsibility & accountability
  •  Eve transgressed but it is known as Adam’s sin
  • Sarah was the one that pushed for the alternative but Abraham is still held responsible
  • The one given power and authority cannot run away from their responsibility because they are supposed to know better, not participate in the transgression and indeed should counsel others on the Word of the Lord.
God may abandon us to the idols of our heart if we refuse to listen to His Word and put another above His…Psalm 115:8, Psalm 135:18
  • God may leave us to carry the consequence of our disobedience…
  • Abraham told to listen and do as Sarah had suggested
  • …In marriage, ukizoea mama, mama  saa yote  na bibi yuko (consulting ones mother more than ones wife)
  • …In healing ,ukizoea mganga mganga   ama daktari daktari … Mungu yuko, (relying on the doctor more than God as healer)
  • .. In work business, tukizoea kazi  kazi saa yote,  hakuna kulala… (always chasing after money and forgetting the source of every good thing)
  • God may leave us to labour as our heart seeks even though He can help…
  • … Jehovah – Rapha,  Jireh,  Shalom

Decisions have consequences, especially sin

  • God may still require us to carry the consequences of our sin,
  • But God may provide sufficient grace to walk through it for a time …
  • …Hagar sent away with some bread and water
  • Though the sin itself is forgiven if we repent
But God will continue with His promises as is
  • Without regard to the self effort we may have applied to the situation
  • So we may as well wait on the Lord
  • His plans for me are always for my good and not my harm, to give me a future and a hope…Jeremiah 29:11
  • He is a jealous God and will not want to share His glory with another…Exodus 34:14, Isaiah 42:8

Why is it that the promise of God may have not manifested in my life?

  • Lack of pleasing faith, resulting in interference on my part? Trying to help God out!
    • Putting another voice above God – idol
  • May have not waited for the promise to mature in my life – Timing
  • May have not been prepared to receive the promise – Preparation
  • May have not taken time to birth the promise – Growth & Maturity
  • …- Birthing requires going into labour
  • … – it requires some effort and may involve some pain

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