ARCI – 2019 Nov 10: Worship vs Sacrifice & Idolatry. Abraham >> Overcoming the pain of Sacrifice.

November 10, 2019

ARCI Worship experience

What shall I render to Jehovah…
What shall I render to Jehovah,
For He has done so very much for me,
What shall I render to Jehovah,
For He has done so very much for me…
Nara nara eh ( receive receive)
nara ekele (receive my thanks)
nara ekele mo ( receive my thanks)
Worship brings down the glory of God

Worship in relation to Sacrifice & Idolatry

One basically asked me one time….why worship?
  • Why does Apostle insist on worship & takes it so seriously
  • …that we even have a worship pastor!
  • Why had I taken time to sit in with the worship team
Gave them my experience
  • …When I was inclined to sing and then wondering why…
  • … I don’t really sing …
  • After obedience…
  • >> When the joy of the Lord became greater than my embarrassment level
  • …I would rather make God happy than cower in embarrassment while attempting to make a joyful noise!… but for His glory.
  • …Revelation came…
First priority of a minister of the Gospel
  • … not about signs & wonders,
  • …. not about teaching & preaching with deep insight & revelation,
  • …. not even about people
  • >> but the first job of a minister of the Gospel is >> WORSHIP
  • It had to be taught to me that way for me to get it
We were created by God for worship to His glory!! 

What is Worship?

  • Showing reverence & adoration for a deity
  • Worship is to honor with extravagant love and extreme submission (Webster’s Dictionary,1828).
  • Worship is a posture not only of body, but also of spirit & soul
  • It is a full expression of our love for God for who He is
  • ….Love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind & strength
  • How we offer our whole self to glorify God >> reverence & adoration
  • Putting anything in between God & myself
  • Anything that takes priority over God in any aspect of my life
  • Giving up something of value for the sake of a consideration
Worship is the sacrifice we offer to God when we put Him above all things,
  • … especially over those things we dearly love
According to Pastor Paul Schock
  • Sacrifice >> we have our eyes on what we are giving God >>  time, money
  • … there is pain usually associated with it >> above our comfort zone
  • Worship >> we have our eyes on God
  • >> If we choose to worship, we overcome the pain of sacrifice
Faith challenge  >> shifting my eyes from the problem to God
  • Not telling God how big my problem is
  • …but telling my problem how big my God us
Worship Challenge >> Moving from Sacrifice to Worship
  • …in whatever  I am doing
  • Shifting my eyes from what I am giving or doing for God >> to just GOD
  • >> without terms and conditions >> just for who He is
Abraham, the father of faith,  gave us the the definition / distinction  between Sacrifice & Worship in Genesis 22:5
  • “Stay here with the donkey,” Abraham told his servants. “The boy and I will go over there to worship, and then we will return to you.”…Genesis 22:5 (BSB)
  • God asked him to sacrifice Isaac
  • Abraham termed it as worship believing that both will return

When God asks for a sacrifice, our obedience in faith is our worship!

  • Heart of worship >> Ezekiel 11:19, Jeremiah 31 & 32
  • Sacrifice of Praise & Thanksgiving >> Hebrews 13:15
Why usually associated with music >> sacrifice of praise & thanksgiving
  • Music — praise & worship – very technical & involves the whole person to coordinate & produce
  • >> involves the heart, soul & strength >> thinking, doing & emotions produced
  • Our whole being showing reverence & adoration to God
  • E.g. Prophets of Baal >> shouted, cried, danced, played drums, cut themselves (blood = life)
What of the the people of the One & True Living God??
In worship, we may have been wrongly focusing only on one aspect…
  • the body – outside appearance – how we look
  • or  how we feel
But worship like love is usually wholesome and unconditional
  • Not loving your fiancee just because they are beautiful  or handsome, have money  or not…
  • …but loving them despite all those
  • … seeking the face of God not His Hand…His wholeness, character, personality…& you will also find His hand
As it is said…
We do not worship God for a response…
We worship Him as a response…
Our worship is a response to the revelation of His nature

Worship God in Spirit & in Truth >> John 4:23-24

  • True worshipers are to worship the Father in Spirit & Truth
  • For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.
When the Spirit of God & the Truth of God are in whatever we are doing >> we are in WORSHIP
  • …Talking, driving, working, doing business, taking care of my child, my spouse…
It is said that…
The cross is not complete until the horizontal relationship is also established
This little light of mine, I am gonna let it shine
>> Thankful to Apostle for providing an environment where little lights can start shinning
  • For the kingdom & glory of God
  • As evidenced by growth & development of Pastor Morris, Prophet Don
  • …upcoming like sister Christine, Irene, William & >> wonderful word from sister  Juliette
A testimony should not only be in word but also in deed
  • The heart of Kings is in the hands of God and He directs them where He will…Proverbs 21:1
  • Thank you Apostle for being faithful in God’s Word and direction.
  • … full of faith because it is not easy..with some of our personalities & characters
We worship God by honoring the people He uses to bless us
  • Especially the authority figures for whom we have a tendency of taking for granted
  • We imagine that they don’t have challenges because of their position or anointing
  • But apart from the vertical relationship with the Lord, the horizontal relationship with others is also important
We can’t say we love God if we don’t love people, especially His anointed over our lives…those that He uses to be a blessing to us.
  • Call your father say a simple I love you – though he may be shocked – what do you want!
  • Call your mother – say a simple thank you
  • Today say to your spouse – I love you and thank you
  • Even that child or employee of yours – show some appreciation to them!
  • May the Lord  continue to grant us wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Himself,
  • Especially on how to know Him, Love Him & Serve Him,
  • So that we worship Him in Spirit & in Truth,
  • Where in whatever we do, indeed in all that we do…
  • …we have the Spirit & Truth of God in us and guiding us…

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