ARCI 2019 – Dec 15: Positioned & Aligned to Divine Design. Proud of your Who & What, Aligned to your Where & How.

ARCI – Dec 15
Testimony time // Reflection
  • Getting to understand that a testimony can only come after a test
  • That a trial is used as a stepping stone to your next level of elevation
  • Like David, one has to overcome a Goliath in order to step into ones destiny
There has been a dramatic shift in my life this year
  • Just been about 6 months only at ARCI
  • Thank God for ARCI >> Apostle, Pastor & Prophet
  • … not forgetting Pastor  Joanne
  • … we really honour & appreciate the anointing and sacrifice
  • Thank God for the congregation & testimonies >> The ladies  and especially William & Victor representing the boy child and encouraging us
Thank God for the opportunity to grow
  • >> ARCI offers a conducive environment to cultivate and nurture the seeds of our divine destiny
  • Let us not take it for granted and
  • …indeed strive to take our positions as part of the Body of Christ…
  • …whether God made us to be the little finger or the thumb,  as the small toe or the head
  • … it doesn’t matter whether big or small, seemingly significant or not
  • But we will always find satisfaction and fulfillment when we operate according to divine design
  • Not trying to be what we are not or like someone else
?? Tell >> You are a unique original…no one else is like you
  • >> May be a Mercedes but, it is not meant for the village
  • >> May be designed as a tractor much more comfortable and making impact in the village

I need to be positioned and aligned according to divine design 

  • Know my gifts and calling
  • Start working them out of me with fear & trembling
  • >> with the seriousness it deserves
  • Nurturing and cultivating the seeds / potential that God has put inside me
  • …growing and multiplying that blessing in me to be a blessing to others to bring honor and glory to God
  • …for others to indeed taste & see that the Lord is good, in me and through me
Summarized better…
  • This is to My Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, proving yourselves to be My disciples….John 15:8
  • Therefore >>

A true disciple of Jesus Christ bears much fruit to the glory of the Father

##Be proud of who and what God made you to be
  • We are all fearfully and wonderfully made…Psalm 139:14
  • >> just find out & align with the where & the how of your life
  • >> and everything will fall into place by divine design
  • …where you were made to operate effectively and efficiently
  • Seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…Matthew 6:33
  • … prioritizing the things of God and following up on them in the right manner
  • And all other things shall be added
  • … basically things will fall into place
Take ownership of our Body- ARCI
  • The Church is us and we are the church
  • Let’s organise ourselves according to ministry and gifts
  • Encouraging each other to grow
Those called to be teachers
  • To be good teacher one must first be a good student
  • … Teacher’s Corner
  • We are just there to open a way for others to follow

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