LFM 2019 April 28: Blood Judgement, Deliverance, Baptism of Fire!

LFM notes…Sunday 28 April 2019
Easter season is about
Passover – Old Testament
  • Power of the Blood of the Lamb
  • Why we plead the Blood of Jesus
  • Calling on the judgement of God
  • Like a double edged sword
  • … can cut the enemy, but can also cut us… if not under the Blood
  • … Case of  Oria when going on a deliverance mission … similar to  – Jesus I know, Paul I know, but who are you!!
  • … itamulika yangu  kwanza before the enemy … (judgement will start with me)
  • 1 Peter 4:17
  • For the time has come for judgment, and it must begin with God’s household. And if judgment begins with us, what terrible fate awaits those who have never obeyed God’s Good News?
  • Nisifuate fuate mabibi  au wasichana za watu, huku namwomba Mungu kuhusu bibi  au mtoto wangu!
  • …  yangu itamulikwa kwanza !
  • Nisi cheke cheke  na mabwana za watu, huku  namwomba Mungu  juu ya tabia ya bwanangu.
  • … nita mulikwa kwanza!
  • Nisikuwe mtu apendaye ma deal ma deal, ujanja fulani ndio nipate pesa  au kitu fulani…
  • … ati maisha nikujipanga!
  • … Maisha itanipanga… nitamulikwa kwanza!
  • A friend used to buy stolen phones and his always got stolen
  • … used to wonder how I stay with my phone for long.
  • Covered with the Blood…
  • … dealing / paying for the sin for us
  • … the sword of judgement doesn’t cut us
  • … but only targets the enemy, where the sin has not been paid for.
  • … justice requires blood payment.
  • … Jesus paid it for us – Thank You Jesus!

Lessons from the Exodus from Egypt

  • Symbolic of our decision to move away from things and ways of the world / flesh
  • Repentance  – deal with sin … unleavened bread
  • Dedicate the first and best of your life to the Lord…putting Him first and nothing above Him
  • … child, spouse, work, money
  • Come under the Blood of Jesus with it all
  • … have all the sin issues paid for by Christ
  • When judgement comes,  it deals with the idols / sin around us…
  • … all those things that people have put above God
  • … kazi,  spouse, child , health,  nyumba, gari
  • … the thing we love most,  rely on most, God deals with it so that we can recognise Him, that He alone is Almighty, has power above all.
Death & Resurrection –  New Testament
  • With Christ Jesus
  • Death of the old things, behold all things become new
  • Resurrection power – that brings life and life more abundantly
  • … brings the dead areas of our lives back to life
  • … OT, we are left the same way but the enemy is dealt with.
  • … but we still murmur and complain, still have our issues
But with Christ,
  • … He deals with our issues also
  • … we become born again – get a new life in Christ
  • … people should recognize the difference in us
  • …. our  children,  spouse, friends
God also known as the all consuming fire
  • Separates the wheat from the chaff and burns the chaff
  • … mabaya  yote that was covering the good of the Lord in us
  • Good things of God left to shine
Baptism of fire …
  • … when gold is put in the fire, the bad things are burnt out, so that God can see His image and likeness in us. 
Jesus came to baptise with Holy Spirit and Fire
  • Holy Spirit – bring the good things… fruits and gifts
  • Fire – to purify us from things not of Him.
Lesson on deliverance – Mungu unisaidie tu (God just help me)
  • Want only the issue / enemy to be dealt with
  • But ignore what brings the issue or the enemy – sin
  • … lakini hapa, wacha  tu niendelee nao
  • … weka Yesu chini, tukutane mbele ( putting Christ down, indulge in sin, pick Him up later when more convenient)
  • The enemy goes, looks for more powerful demons and comes back stronger to make sure that next time we shall not manage to displace him.
  • I need to go through the fire of dealing with sin
  • So that the enemy has nothing of his in me to hold on to
  • But sees the image and likeness of Christ
  • … that Yesu is the one occupying the house
  • … anakubali  ana hama


Jesus may allow me to go through the fire so that the purification process may remove all that is preventing Him from seeing His image and likeness in me!

  • I am created in the image & likeness of God
  • Sin tarnishes this image and likeness
  • Jesus is the one that come to baptize with Holy Spirit & Fire…Matthew 3:11
  • He separates in me the wheat from the chaff…Matthew 3:12
  • He restores me back into the original image and likeness
Issue of being saved but still in bondage
  • May I not be afraid – Baptism of fire
  • Deal with all that is not of You Lord in my life
  • Transformed into the image and likeness of Christ
  • Where I live life and life more abundantly
  • And not be saved but still in bondage.

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