Ezra 6 – The Cross has Adequately paid for the Restoration of my Temple!

Ezra 6

Heaven and earth shall pass away but the Word of the Lord shall remain!

The archives shall be searched to see what is due to us?

Whatever the Lord has spoken into our lives has been established. The issue may be how do we access it? The Lord’s people perish for lack of knowledge.

All that has been lost or stolen from us that was from the Lord can all be retrieved and restored to us.

Full restoration where the heavens and the earth fight for us is usually brought about due to our dedication in the realignment of our lives back to the Lord.

Repentance and rebuilding of our foundation and lives in Christ the solid Rock. All of creation, all of which is subject to the Almighty, is mobilised to rebuild God’s Temple in us. No weapon formed against us will prosper and any tongue that rises against us in judgement is condemned, that’s the heritage of the servants of the Lord.

What the enemy meant for evil is turned for good. Indeed everything works together for good for those who Love the Lord and are called according to His purposes. Even one’s enemies will have to have peace with them. They have to comply or face the wrath of God.

Sometimes we may have the misconception that the devil and Jesus are equals, that they sit somewhere and arm wrestle. The devil does not even come close to the might and power of God, he even has to ask for permission to do what he does ( Job).

Would be interesting to do a historical study on verse 12.

People should be encouraged by a prophetic Word from the Lord. What He has said, has been established. It is for us to believe and comply for it to manifest into our lives.

The Word of the Lord is a majority over all else, including the word from the enemy.

The joy of the Lord for those under the Blood of the Lamb – The destroyer cannot prevail against them.

# Thank you Jesus that Your finished work at the Cross of Calvary has paid for the restoration of my temple onto the Lord. It is indeed done, it is finished, it is paid for!

I therefore believe and receive the sacrifice of Your precious Blood as full payment for all my transgressions as You present me as the righteousness of God in Yourself to the Father.

I therefore withdraw all the legal rights that the accuser of the brethren may have against me. My name has now been written in the Book of Life, with my life dedicated to the Lord for His habitation. Come into my life and be my Lord and Saviour as I surrender my life to You.

I declare and decree in the mighty name of Jesus Christ that me and my house shall serve the Lord. I rededicate my life and family to you Christ Jesus our Solid Rock.

I pray for more of You and less of me in my life. I thank You that your yoke is easy and your burden is light as all of Heaven and earth moves to ensure that Your will, purposes and plans are established in my life. May You continue to transform me to Your image and likeness, from glory to glory as You make me habitable for Your Spirit to dwell.

May my life and family be a blessing to others, may I continue to find favour with God and with man, and may all aspects of my life bring honour and glory to Your precious and mighty Name Lord.


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