LFM – 2016 Sept 18: What is the Mission of Christ? Do I understand it? Am I aligned to it?

LFM 18 September 2016


  • May God bless the works of our hands so that our tithes and offerings may also increase to further the work of the Kingdom.
  • May the Sword of the Lord cut off all evil soul ties associated with ourselves or members of the ministry that are preventing us or the ministry from prospering and achieving God’s will purpose and plan for our lives.
  • We cancel, reject, revoke, renounce and rebuke the spirits of poverty, stagnation, delay that may be affecting our lives or the ministry.
  • May we cast down our stones against others and may our accusers also cast down their stones against us.
  • May we therefore not come to inquire of the Lord with rocks in our hands or idols in our hearts and may we be forgiven for doing so in the past.


Enhancing format of presentation – (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer)

Washed by the Word ==>  S_O_A_P

  • Reading => of the scripture, the Word of God
  • Understanding => A revelation of the Truth in the Word of God

==>  How does it speak to us personally?

  • Application => How does the scripture apply to my life – context

==>  Repentance, encouragement, guidance

==> The Sword of The Spirit – Living & Powerful to change us

  • Prayer => Communicating / interacting with the author of the Word

==> Thanksgiving for guidance & encouragement, repentance for sin


Defining Ministry – Foundational Issues

  • The spiritual foundation that carries all other aspects of our lives => Jesus Christ
  • Starts with the individual and all divine responsibilities given to us in family (spouse, parent, child) & society (Career, Body of Christ)
  • Involves carrying out God’s plan for our lives and for his people that he has given us responsibility over
  • Every ministry (areas of responsibility in our lives in family & society) should align itself with the mission of vision bearer.
  • Jesus described to us His mission here on earth for humanity


  • Luke 4: 18-19 (NLT)

18 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,

    for he has anointed me to bring Good News to the poor.

He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released,

    that the blind will see,

that the oppressed will be set free,

19     and that the time of the Lord’s favor has come.[f]”


  1. We need the power of the Holy Spirit to be upon us for us to operate effectively.
  • We are given a deposit of the anointing and it is ignited by fire
  • Jesus comes to baptise with the Holy Spirit & Fire
  • At times we are anointed and remain like a gas cylinder with gas that is never ignited
  • The Fire of God ignites the anointing of the Spirit for the power of God to manifest
  • Our gifts from God never activated and used to be a blessing to others
  • There are consequences of unleashing the power of God – 2 edged sword:
    • Purifies us like gold and makes us better
    • Burns us up as chaff if we have sin / defilement in us – 1 Corinthians 3: 10-
  • Fear of the prophetic ministry or where the power of God manifests
  • Like Moses when his face was glowing with the Glory of God => Exodus 34, 2 Cor 3:13



  1. We need to be empowered to preach the full Gospel of Jesus Christ to those that don’t know Jesus both in our families & society => Good News to the poor
  • Achieved through the 5 fold ministry of the Church => Ephesians 4 – Jesus appointed:
    1. Apostles => Special messengers/representatives -Paul Sent to gentiles (Generals)
    2. Prophets => Revealing the heart of God — Jesus testimony in our lives — Revelations 19:10 – (Intelligence Unit)
    3. Evangelists => Spread the good news of salvation – travel / missionaries / witnessing => Soul winning oriented – (Air force)
    4. Pastors => Shepherd & guide => People oriented – (Calvary) – Wisdom in living
    5. Teachers => To instruct => Word oriented — Trainers


  1. The blind should see
  • A person having a revelation of Jesus Christ (Salvation) in their lives => Psalm 91:16
  • As children of God — moving in all that Jesus has made available for us – Mali ya Baba
  • Like a child in the womb => thinks that that is all the world has to offer = darkness
  • Being born again — a whole new world out there with light


  1. Proclaim captives released and the oppressed set free
  • We are all held captive to sin because of Adam
  • But Jesus came to proclaim that He has paid for our sin and released us from its captivity if we believe in him and the finished work on the Cross.
  • Once set free from sin, we are also free from oppression by the enemy as sin gives the enemy a right to oppress us.
    • Moses killed an Egyptian and it was only until others knew that Moses fled in fear.
    • If we do something bad that we don’t want anyone to know, a person who knows what we did can use it to oppress us => road corruption


  1. Living in the time of the Lord’s favour for His people
  • It’s a time to access all of God’s blessing through Christ Jesus
  • Finding favour means gaining approval, acceptance, or special benefits or blessings.
  • Ephesians 1:3 – We are blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places because we are united in Christ


APPLICATION => The question for us that claim to be born again Christians is:

  • Are we living our lives and running the Ministry according the vision of Jesus Christ?
  • Are we anointed and empowered by the Holy Spirit in our lives or the Ministry?
  • Do we understand our calling in family & society in spreading the Good News / Gospel?
  • Are we seeing and living differently because of the light of Jesus Christ shining in us?

==> We used to do things one way because of darkness, but have changed the way we do it because of the light of Christ.

  • Are we living free from sin by knowing Jesus paid for our sins and therefore set us free from the wages of sin?

==> The Blood of Jesus is our bond / fine that pays for our sin when applied

  • Do we repent as soon as we fall into sin and apply the Blood of Jesus to pay for the penalty of the sin? Taking back the legal rights the enemy has to oppress us.

==> Sin in our lives gives the enemy the rocks to throw at us

==> Once the fine of the court is paid, we are free to go – forgiving ourselves

  • Are we living a life of favor, blessings , health, joy, peace?

— Thy Kingdom come – living in the house of our heavenly Father with all the benefits

— Michael in Siaya, Uhuru’s child in statehouse



  • Action taken in communion with the Lord on the revelation from the Word
  • Claiming the promise, repentance for sin, thanksgiving for guidance & encouragement

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